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Learn how to combine colors

Expert shares simple diagrams that will help create bold images and match bright things. They should have every fashionista!

Ask yourself how often during the hard work under the name of shopping you swear to yourself that this time it'll certainly get yourself something bright? Every time? And the last time I purchased? For the last time ever?

Or even better — saw, lit up and bought, but the thing remained hanging on the hanger with the label?

In the first and second cases, the cause of such crimes before a banal and obvious — you don't know how to combine colors and therefore do not know how to put in the closet, that or the other thing.

In this article I will help you figure out how not to be afraid to combine colors, following simple rules, what rough beast — circle of Itten and what it tastes best there.

So, the color circle of Johannes of Itten

Учимся сочетать цвета

The color range of Ittina is a versatile tool for creating harmonious color combinations. Using it is very easy to make combinations of two, three and even four colors and for all to throw out from his stylish lexicon the word "jeans and grey sweater", and even if you do not throw it to understand how they can be beat, combining colors in accessories.

Go through the basic techniques of combinations:

- Complementary scheme is a combination of two maximally remote from each other shades, or its variation: it is necessary from the remote shade to go to sector 1 in any direction.

Учимся сочетать цвета

- The classic triad — the combination of shades in three sectors.

Учимся сочетать цвета

- Analog triad — a combination of three colors that are located in adjacent sectors. Works great for the two colors!

Учимся сочетать цвета

- Dual complementary triad — 2 colors in 1 sector and 1 contrast.

Учимся сочетать цвета

Rectangular scheme — 4 color: just connect the sector to the rectangle; or its variations — square scheme: here the join of the vertices of the sectors in the squares.

Учимся сочетать цвета

Учимся сочетать цвета

Using these rules combinations in a circle of Itten, you will finally be able to add brightness and colors to your wardrobe and life. The main thing — not to forget the basic rules:

White, black, gray, beige — achromatic, that is, are not color, they can be implemented in any set in any variations with absolutely no limits!

- Any combination of color should be observed in the same temperature range (cold+warm cold+cold) or clean (clean+clean, dim+dim). Be adhered to should only one of the two conditions.*

- Do not be afraid! Any combination of colors will be correct if you emit light! Always and under any conditions, never forget that style is the freedom, the style is you! **

*On the characteristics of the colors in my next article

**The mix of prints in my next article.


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