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Coco Chanel: 5 facts about the legendary designer

A vivid biography of this lady is familiar to us in a variety of films, but in it we found a few interesting details

Fragile French woman changed the world of fashion, turning notions of femininity. With her light hand in the wardrobe of every self-respecting ladies little black dress, tweed jacket and jewelry. Do not forget that Coco Chanel was the first to wear slacks and made popular unisex style.

1. Father called Gabrielle Coco (chicken in French) for a small stature and thinness. When she decided to take a pseudonym, she remembered this funny nickname.

2. Mademoiselle was walking in my sleep. During one of the attacks at the Ritz, she not only carved out of the Bathrobe costume, but attached to the lapel flower cut from towels.

Коко Шанель: 5 фактов о легендарном модельере

Father called Gabrielle Coco (chicken in French) a little growth and khudoborodov:

3. Coco Chanel always wore a scissors on a string around your neck or in your purse. Once at a dinner party she cut the outfit of one of her models, which was there in a dress from another designer. While stating that the way was much more elegant.

4. "I don't want to take money from women, before whom kneel", — grumbled Coco, taking measurements famous Actresses, such as Ingrid Bergman and Romy Schneider.

5. Chanel made the tan fashionable. Designer "browned" in Cannes and decided that what had gone she must decorate and other women. Prior to that, a symbol of aristocracy was considered bright, porcelain skin, untouched by sun.


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