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5 items of outerwear that can be washed at home

"Prepare sledge in the summer" — it's time to bring the wardrobe in order

1. Jacket

You may be able to save on the dry cleaning and bring down the order of its own. If your jacket filled with down and feather, then hang it over the bath and dampen the cloth with water. Shower direct parallel to the surface that the filler is less absorbed water. Soap, liquid clothes detergent, and scrub especially dirty areas with a brush. This is the area along the zipper and hem, collar, cuffs, and pockets. Rinse the foam also, on a tangent. Drain and dry the product out on the balcony of the battery destroy the structure down.

5 предметов верхней одежды, которые можно постирать дома

Down the best brush in ручную

2. Jacket holofiber

Jacket holofiber you can easily send in the washing machine. The only condition is thorough preparation. Unbuckle the belt and hood, check all the pockets and zip them, the zipper should be closed and the garment turned inside out. The drum machine along with a jacket put some special balls for washing and drying clothes or just tennis balls that do not roll filler.

5 предметов верхней одежды, которые можно постирать дома

Synthetics safely throw in машинку

3. Wool coat

If the label on your clothes is the inscription: "dry clean only", then go ahead and get down to business. Soak the coat in the tub with a small amount of powder for the hair for several minutes and then thoroughly rinse under running water. Dry handicraft, laying on the sheet, horizontally, all the folds should be straightened.

5 предметов верхней одежды, которые можно постирать дома

Wool requires careful обращения

4. Coat faux fur

To start vacuum their coat. Then, as in the case of down jacket, go with a soap solution over the surface with a brush. Stick to the direction of hair. Rinse the foam and wrap the product in a towel. After drying, comb comb for Pets.

5 предметов верхней одежды, которые можно постирать дома

Real fur - only химчистка

5. Leather jacket

In stores there are special means for cleaning of the skin, they are found in all hypermarkets. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Remove stains using a sponge and dishwashing detergent, just know moderation — do not scratch off the paint.

5 предметов верхней одежды, которые можно постирать дома

For skin has a special средства


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