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Yanina Melehova: how to sew a dress

To be stylish and trendy, it is not necessary to be bought in expensive boutiques. The star of "dudes", "War" and other advises how to make a summer tunic

— The most simple that can be done by, is a beach pareo or tunic. And this does not have to be able to sew, design, pattern and even do not need to have a sewing machine, — says Yanina.

For the first time will be great if you get together with friends together, buy the fabric and start on each other to try it on. Throw different ways like they do in the movies about Ancient Greece or in Indian movies. This method pattern is called "dummy". So you will get the original model in a single copy, will emphasize your best body parts and cover up something that should be hidden.

What to do next?

You folded the fabric so that she needed only a few stitches. Instead of thread you can use, for example, pins. Cleave their outfit by choosing some colored copies. There are safety pins with the decorations. You can buy satin ribbon, sew it in several places, and the outfit will stay on surround a beautiful bow.

And to handle edge and is simple. Buy in the same shop where I got the fabric, special cobweb (consultant prompt). Now you only need to bend the edge, to put cobweb and go iron. Yes, it's not such a reliable method of sewing, but will not be visible seams, which is especially important for silk fabrics, but if gossamer will come unstuck, it is always it can be replaced by a new one.

One more important point. If you are so "dummy" way to come up with your design, take a picture of yourself, how neatly dress young bulavochka and try to remove without breaking, so you can repeat it. And before you sew, cut and chipped, consider what accessories you will have. Often it becomes the biggest problem. And it so happens that the model is already busted open, and there is no suitable zippers, belts or buttons, and it is not the case.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Practice. Here the most important — experience! And when he appears, you will be missed by a cursory glance at the fabric to get a feel for how it will lie to you and what cut her the most suitable.


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