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Characteristics of color: why you need and how to apply

Expert explains why the one thing tint can decorate, and the other, on the contrary, to ruin the whole image

As I promised, let's talk about colors and their characteristics. In today's article I will tell you what are the colors and how this knowledge to use in building the image. As they say, forewarned is forearmed! And go shopping armed with Oh so nice, take my word for it, but better check! So there you go!

All colors are divided into three basic categories:

- light and dark;

bright (clean) and muted;

- warm and cold.

With the first option all quite understandable and clear. If the underlying color gradually add the white color, you will get a lighter shade if black color will get dark. We consider these characteristics, for example, referring to the familiar color circle Johaness of Ittina:

Характеристики цвета: зачем нужны и как применять

Now let's talk about clean and muted tones. Here, too, all pretty easy. To the base color, we add gray (grey is a mix of two achromats — black and white — and is also achromatic objectives). Consider the example of the red, green and yellow colors — classic traffic light.

Характеристики цвета: зачем нужны и как применять

And third, the most difficult point is the color temperature. The color can be cold and can be warm. The benchmark cold color blue, a standard warm — orange. Therefore, to get the cool shades of each base color, we add to the blue color, but if you want heat, add the orange, thus:

- Cool shade has a blue undertone.

- A warm shade has orange undertone.

On the range of sector Ittina warm/cold divided diagonally:

Характеристики цвета: зачем нужны и как применять

And to make it even clearer, consider the following examples:

Red: tomato is a warm, cherry — cold.

Green: Apple — warm, emerald — cold.

Yellow: banana — warm lemon — iced.

Purple: eggplant is a warm, lilac — cold.

Having considered the three main characteristics of color, may even need to wonder. And what is it all necessary? And here is why:

- First, to determine your color type appearance. This will greatly simplify the selection of colors of things in the store and removes from the head the question: why single is my color and the other does not. With this knowledge, you can choose the right shades, as well as to break the rules, correcting the wrong shade of makeup. I will in detail tell in the following article.

- Secondly, in order to properly combine colors, as I said in my previous article:

Clean+clean/Dim+dim, the color temperature is not important

Warm+warm/cool+cool, while not important purity of a color.

Now you know the characteristics of colors and how to apply them. Very soon I will tell you how to combine prints and how to determine your color type appearance.

And never forget that style is the freedom, the style is you!


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