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Alexander Vasilyev: "Even the torn sweat pants are our history" met fashion historian and listened to his thoughts about the past and present

The host of "Fashion verdict" Alexander Vasiliev manages to combine shooting, organization of exhibitions and the permanent replenishment of its collection, which is already more than 65 thousand copies of clothes and accessories.

About the culture of vintage

"At the time, closet Lyubov Orlova, her dresses and hats made in the trash. And all because we have in the country such custom is to put vintage vintage clothing, and many still refer to her very domestic: I would wear or I would never wear it. And I said, "In any case, I will not give you this to wear, and only look". The best clothing collection is in the Hermitage. It contains the court costumes. They have a gorgeous closet of the Romanov dynasty. But they did not collect anything from the twentieth century, said it was ugly. The criteria "beautiful-ugly" story is irrelevant. Yes, even if ugly! Even if it is torn sweats! But if all walked in those torn sweats — so this is our story."

About star gifts

"Recently three of their evening dresses to my collection gave Mehriban Aliyeva — Vice-President of Azerbaijan. Many artists share their clothes. Modern pop stars are happy to give their outfits, but some huddle. Gave Angelica Varum, Nadezhda Babkina, Larisa Dolina, Irina Allegrova, Valery Leontiev... So someone wants to remain in history, and someone doesn't want to. But I'm not criticizing anyone. Well it's voluntary. I can't say, "shame on you! Why don't you give up!“ By the way, often give the heirs after the death of a star. In life it is always very painful, there are personal memories. But when there is no man, there is a need to urgently clean the apartment up for sale. And then all give. So keep that in mind. This will be unnecessary, and your children do not keep".

About the wardrobe of Maya Plisetskaya

"She dressed very extravagantly. In the eighties, Plisetskaya was considered a style icon. Many of the outfits moved me to the collection after her death. I was very familiar with Maya Mikhailovna, visited her home. And when she gave me a few dresses from Cardin and Chanel. And after her death Rodion Shchedrin gave me another part of her wardrobe. I am very happy that I am the owner of her household items. Her theatrical things at the Bakhrushin Museum".


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