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From Musketeers to "Beauty" — as the boots have conquered the world

This Shoe is back in trends, but it should be able to wear

Woman in boots and a fierce Valkyrie, the brave Amazon, tremble before which modern men in ironed suits. This image is a reason to inspire designers, who tend to be quick to return to our closet these strange boots. But in order not to commit follies and purchased shoes with a high shaft organically fit into the image, we propose to recall the history of the treads, and then to understand how to wear them and what to combine.

Boots, covering his legs almost to the fifth point, we used to call bottomtime. If you dig in the dictionary, you find that that word comes from the French bottes — "boot" and fortes — "strong" and together, the "strong shoes". And you can see why these boots were the first to wear the Spanish riders already in the XII century (Yes, they beat the French, who invented the word). The Spaniards spent a lot of time in the saddle, and boots legs kind of tired less. In that way, it's hard to believe, because the boots were stiff, almost couldn't bend at the knees and tightly hugged. But part of the official form of the European cavalry they still are.

In the XV century boots appreciated and Albion. It happened during the reign of Henry VII. He was a fan of them, and fashion immediately picked up in the yard. And even a century later, have contributed to Charles I: in childhood, the king had problems with his feet, and courtiers masters made for a tight high model. The illness eventually passed, and boots left.

От мушкетеров до «Красотки» — как ботфорты завоевывали мир

Shoes with a high shaft appeared in the XII century. Photo - George Washingtonto:

In France, these shoes came only in the seventeenth century, and also as part of military equipment. But thanks to the efforts of Henry IV soon began to wear boots nobles. And doing it in style is to get out of the house without wearing wide boots with bells, it was considered bad manners. Around the same time they conquered Italy, but sorrow, in the Apennines of their "secular government" did not last long: they again began to use only as part of a military uniform.

Aura of sexuality and power comes from them, not surprised: boots grown out of boots of knights and Musketeers. They carry a strong masculine charge. The first woman who wore them was Joan of Arc. During the trial, the warrior was about to agree with a single charge: that dared to wear men's shoes on the battlefield and off it.

Native land

Well we all overseas countries! If Russia, the mother did not wear boots? Wore, of course. On the expanses of our country the shoes came under Peter I. It was made of leather and had a high shaft with bolts to the top of the cowl that covers the kneecap. Wore them, as abroad, the riders (possibly the king in his travels, saw this "Shoe" idea). Said, this time the design is acceptable, not that of the European samples, and the military were able to spend long hours in the saddle without any discomfort. In addition, boots protected from dirt and wear. At receptions bells knocked and become a decorative element.

And in the XIX century, this native shoes even entered the female wardrobe. They say that one of the fans of high boots was the Empress Catherine the Great. A strong and independent woman, she loved men's military uniform and often shocked the public with slender legs, upholstered in leather. After it pulled up, and the other ladies. Of course, it did not become a widespread trend, but still to meet at the ball the lady in boots was not so difficult, respectively, and surprised men it is much less. Why not let the girl a little prank?

Beauty will save the world

Then everything changed dramatically. In the sixties of the last century boots without a twinge of conscience made for both sexes. This Shoe was even a certain provocation. It was then in Vogue the first mini-skirt, and high boots seamlessly complement the look. In the eighties the heat added Actresses of the London underground erotic show. Here it is not without corsets and garters. Of course, in polite society, this will not wear jackboots and reputation are spoiled: they have been seen as an item of clothing courtesans. Not afraid of this, gorgeous Brigitte Bardot was one of the first stars appeared in a provocative way in the clip of Serge Gainsbourg: from blonde in tiny mini skirt and high boots, it was impossible to look away.

От мушкетеров до «Красотки» — как ботфорты завоевывали мир

Julia Roberts played in the famous film "Pretty woman" girl for you - call. Patent leather boots completed abrazote: materials of press-services

In 1963, an unusual pair of shoes made of crocodile leather came from Yves Saint Laurent. Ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev put it on as soon as I got to Europe. The idea was picked up by other fashion designers. For example, Pierre Cardin has offered to wear boots with patent leather and monochrome sheath dresses from Jersey and lacquer gloves to the elbow in the same tone. Jane Fonda showed his version in the role of Barbarella and immediately became the main erotic fantasy men. In 1990 it moved Julia Roberts. Her character, "moth" Vivian wearing leather boots with an outdoor mini-dress. Boots are too sexy. Serious ladies didn't want to wear shoes with a bad reputation, but I realised that it's easy to make the figure more attractive.

So how do you get out of the situation? The decision was prompted by the designers. In 2000, such shoes first appeared in many fashion collections. The most classic and relaxing options offered Chanel, Chloe and Paco Rabanne. Boots with long, narrow toes released in 2001 by Roberto Cavalli, and Stella McCartney came up with the boots in perforated leather.

In General, the designers found a "gold mine" and decided to party. They create boots in different heights, with a rounded and pointed toe, wide and narrow, decorated them with rhinestones, studs, lacing, fringe, fur and embroidery. Soon came the model from suede, textile, suede, patent and wrinkled leather. Such a great variety of turned them into the item everyday wardrobe. High boots started to combine not with provocative outfits, and with a restrained understated clothes. They have quickly become universal shoes, suitable women of any age.

Many fashion houses such as Hermes and Louis Vuitton, resorted to the services of the company Jean-Caborit, which makes boots of leather premium. In our days these boots symbolize the highest female self-confidence. For example, Rihanna often appears in models that cover the entire thigh. Fashion critic Steven Bailey even says that "this style conceals and advertises simultaneously: the curious glance will flock to places above the knee and he'll be interested in the forbidden and hidden from the eyes of the hip." In 2009 Madonna night at the annual costume Institute appeared in the narrow trousers of blue satin and leather boots. They soon became known for women to demonstrate their sexuality, but not to look vulgar. For example, they liked to wear Victoria Beckham, but combined with a simple t-shirt and skinny jeans. The stars do really like this kind of shoes. But they usually choose young women who are often in public, for example, Megan Fox, Jennifer aniston, Lindsay Lohan or Kate moss. To see in high boots approximate Hollywood mom practically impossible, to risk can is that Jennifer Lopez or Jessica Alba, and that a hundred times before that think.

От мушкетеров до «Красотки» — как ботфорты завоевывали мир

New the Queen of outrageous Rihanna has released her own collection of jackboots in collaboration with the famous Shoe, randomphoto:

Knowledge base

We will not dissemble, that boots, of course, stylish and bright, but wearing them is extremely difficult. When combined with the clothes first and foremost is to take into account their well-established status sexy and quite provocative Shoe that requires the least amount of other savory accents.

The main rule when wearing high boots — in no case can not wear explicit dresses, tops and blouses and, God forbid, with a deep neckline.

The second rule: the more decorated clothing, the easier it should be boots, and the simpler the outfit, the more defiant and can be decorated with shoes. In this case, it is acceptable to wear boots with buckles, metal pieces, and other print attracts attention to details.

Also, choosing boots with a high shaft, you should never forget about the proportions. For example, it is best to carry bottomtime MIDI skirt with a high waist and voluminous sweaters. But short skirts at risk. In their case unnecessary. you can try to reverse the boots on a flat course. Incidentally, such models are not only incredibly comfortable to wear but also looks perfect with short jackets and tight trousers.

Thus, solid shoes without any extra decoration can be safely called universal. It is easy to combine with skirts, dresses, leggings and jeans, trench coats, fitted jackets and coats. Ornate models leave for special occasions. Remember only one thing: it is always necessary to correctly assess your legs if they are slim and slender, feel free to wear a fitted model, or even boots-stockings; but if the legs are you a little overweight — it is better to choose medium width. So be on trend, but try not to overreact.


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