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5. fashionable mini-skirts for winter

Cold — no reason to hide your beautiful legs


Skirts knitted or sewn from thick fabric is perfectly warm in bad weather. Complement them with thick tights. Safely combine it with sports style and casual outfits.

5 модных мини-юбок для зимы

Buy knitted юбку


Spring and summer was pleased with the return to the catwalks, stylish short skirts, and denim, it seems, never goes out of fashion neither winter nor summer. This thing can be called basic in your wardrobe.

5 модных мини-юбок для зимы

Winter and summer denim цветом


Skirt in the box can give you a carefree high school girl. However, the benefits of these clothes was known by the ancient Scots. Complete the ensemble with a cap or beret, and you will be in trend.

5 модных мини-юбок для зимы

Don't forget клетку


The big plus of this material — it is not blown. And the leather skirt is absolutely not wrinkled and will not jump while walking. Don't be afraid to experiment with original details and decor.

5 модных мини-юбок для зимы

The skin is сексуально


Uniform skirts in the crease gives a double layer of material, which means you it will be more comfortable and warmer. It goes well with turtlenecks, suitable for almost any shoes and outerwear.

5 модных мини-юбок для зимы

Pleats give the thigh объем


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