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What is the secret of chic French women

Catherine Deneuve, Marion Cotillard, Vanessa Paradis... Here is a partial list of most desirable women in France. WomanHit have prepared for you 6 tips so you can look as good

Tip 1. Be yourself

It would seem that once all the fashion trends come to us from the French catwalks, and French is steadily follow them. And here and there. As a rule, any French fashionista creates her own style and picks up the image. Although not rule out the opportunity to wear something new from the collection of one of the French couturier.

В чем секрет шика француженок

Be aboutto:

Tip 2. Pick your size

If you've decided to understand what are the French ladies when choosing clothes, remember one of the main rules: every thing must be suitable to you. No bodycon dresses and blouses on two or three sizes smaller. Many are guided by the principle "you'll lose weight and then wear it." Believe me, not worth it. First give yourself the desired shape and then get the desired size blouses.

В чем секрет шика француженок

Pick your riservato:

Tip 3. Add the hair negligence

Here the main thing — not to go to extremes. Negligence does not mean untidy. Any French to confirm that too flat hair almost main reverse Trendelenburg. In the matter of hairstyles France knows a lot about. All you will need is a comb, which you want to make just a couple of strokes.

В чем секрет шика француженок

Add hair, sabrinetta:

Tip 4. Purchase a jacket in a mens style

Mens fit clothing adds to a woman's fragility and refinement. Among other things, the suit/coat will make you stand out from the crowd without having to resort to aggressive sexuality in the way.

В чем секрет шика француженок

Purchase a jacket in mens stiletto:

Tip 5. Trench coat — a must-have

What the French put him in a basic wardrobe, for which we are eternally grateful. This is absolutely a universal thing that can fit almost any style and immediately make an image special. It's hard to imagine a wardrobe of the French without trenchcoat, which is a thing basic wardrobe. Its beauty is that it is suitable for almost any set, transforming his mistress.

В чем секрет шика француженок

Trench coat — a must-haveФото:

Tip 6. Make friends with red lipstick

French and red lipstick were the perfect couple. Here's someone who is able to skillfully to apply, is a resident of France. We strongly recommend to take them as an example.

В чем секрет шика француженок

Make friends with the red pomagajte:


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