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5 tips for winter: how to dress warm and beautiful

Advice from the choice of warm, but feminine outfits

With the onset of cold weather every woman wonders how to warm up and look feminine. We will tell you that it is best to choose clothes, how to match clothes and create outfits, what shoes to prefer.

Many ladies know that the most difficult selection is the choice of outerwear.

How to choose?

The main rule: choose clothes depending on the type of shape, models with a feminine silhouette. Pay attention to things with a belt decoration made of fur or other materials. The ideal option would be the coat. However, learn that the coat requires a lot of maintenance, and the price it is decent. Budget replacement can be a down jacket. Do not think that down jacket you'll look wider than you really are, modernity offers a huge selection of sophisticated and elegant models that you will not lose the charm.

5 советов для зимы: как одеваться тепло и красиво

Choose a model with a feminine, silouette:

Avoid wide zips on clothes — they not only will not enhance femininity, but will be a direct reference to the sports style. When deciding on color, lean on your appearance color type. When choosing a dark coat to purchase him a bright scarf or hat, to dilute the dark tones.

5 советов для зимы: как одеваться тепло и красиво

When choosing a dark coat to purchase him a bright scarf or shapcott:


Winter shoes are special preferences, the most important criterion is stability. Try to avoid high heels, health and safety should always be first. And probably not worth mentioning that the shoes should be combined with the rest of the coats.

5 советов для зимы: как одеваться тепло и красиво

Try to avoid high caluculate:

Not worth the risk to get nylon tights where did you go in the spring. There are many varieties of woolen tights, they will keep you warm and cozy, while you don't lose your femininity. But be careful with color — you should not choose too flashy colors, only if you are going to a theme party where the subject of the toilet will be appropriate.

To make you comfortable and on the street and indoors, and create layered sets — so you will have the opportunity for a situation to be warmed, or conversely, to undress.

Let us consider several variants of sets:

Blouse, sleeveless dress, tights, coat, boots

Blouse, jacket, skirt, tights, boots, coat

Blouse, pants, jacket, insulated boots, coat

There are also options "for the lazy":

Woolen dress with sleeves, tights, boots, coat

Extra-long tunic, leggings, coat, boots

Woolen sweater, skirt, boots, coat.

5 советов для зимы: как одеваться тепло и красиво

Be creative and make your complexType:

Be creative and match your sets based on General rules of selection of clothes.


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