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Trends winter 2018/2019: what to wear and how to combine

The cold season is full of contradictions. For example, in the fashion of the return of the forgotten hits of the past. passed according to the international catwalks and is willing to share discoveries

2018 in the fashion was the period when closets came back things from the past. In a sense, we made the journey back in time has captured the 80s, and then returned to the present.

The designers drew inspiration on the territory of the Wild West and England, where he took fabrics and styles. And from the UK, thanks to couturier, came to us coats, jackets, Cape. In Vogue layering that can be very useful for our winter.

Having carefully studied the collections at fashion weeks, we clearly understand what fashion mood will rule in the coming season, and I must say — the ideas very much.

Trend 1. Layering

Of course, this trend is not entirely new or original, but this season he conquered the minds of designers who hastened to share with us. A feature of this layering is not practical, as it might seem at first glance, but rather, it distinguishes the approach is now multi-layered sets of extremely stylish decision. Most importantly, every layer of clothing must be visible between other layers.

Forget the fear of oversized clothes and look for models with long sleeves if you want, ask your man to share a few items of clothing. But follow one condition: follow the proportions, otherwise you risk to look not stylish, but ridiculous. Use belts or distribute the "heaviness" of the top and bottom.

Тренды зимы 2018/2019: что носить и как сочетать

Layered kits - exclusively stylish resinate:

Trend 2. The return of the 80s

Unexpectedly, but the fact is that the 80s are back in fashion. The last few seasons, designers add elements of this era in their collections.

The catwalks around the world seized overhead the shoulders, leather and vinyl, prints, short dresses and this is not a complete list. The beauty of that is trying on the image of the girl of the disco era, you need to take risks and be outrageous: all comments answer: "the trend!"

Тренды зимы 2018/2019: что носить и как сочетать

Unexpectedly, but the fact is, the 80's are back in Moderato:

Trend 3. Wild, wild West

This news will delight fans of westerns. Still: cowboys, jeans with fringe, horse racing, shootouts with the Sheriff. All of this leaves few people indifferent. Especially designers. This season you can easily meet leather pants, suede jackets, and sometimes cowboy hats. Don't hesitate, buy and combine with the base of your wardrobe.

Trend 4. Uniform

Probably, stylish solution, referring to the form of workers of construction workers and the road will be more exotic than cowboy spurs. The designers explain their choice of this direction is the fact that the uniform carries a certain character and expresses strength. Thus she shows that she is not shy and can show strength, so be careful with it.

Trend 5. Parkas

Not one season designers in the collection include athletic elements, namely, bombers, pants with stripes, sweatshirts. Probably every self-respecting stylish girls at least one of these items will come up. This season there is a new inclusion — the jackets, which again send us back to the 80s. Each of us in childhood, wore a thin jacket against rain and wind, when it's kind of like heat, but without the outerwear not to go. Now you can choose a model to suit every taste, ranging from volumetric textures and ending short of the air content.

Тренды зимы 2018/2019: что носить и как сочетать

Down jackets in traindepot:

Trend 6. Jacket

This season is dominated by comfort and convenience, so the jackets did not escape the keen eye of the designer. Designers offer to combine multiple jackets or coats with the jacket. Convenient: no need to make a choice, wear it all at once. If you are not ready for this "armor", buy a massive jacket.

Trend 7. Poncho

This trend is inspired by the universal struggle for women's rights: women today receive more and more recognition where they have to be just could not, for example, in politics and other similar fields. As you can see, capes on the shoulders was the hallmark of many powerful men: superheroes, ancient politicians, Opera singers. And now this article of clothing is firmly stuck on the shelves in women's closets.

However, the capes has its disadvantages, for example, they do little to protect from the cold. But add drama.

Trend 8. Romance is everywhere

Once you feel a little more power, wearing a poncho, don't forget about that you are still a woman and therefore not in a hurry to say goodbye to skirts and lace dresses. However, it is not necessary to create the image of the canonical romantic girls, add contrast. And the more, the more stylish you will look. Designers offer to combine down jackets and lace dresses.

Тренды зимы 2018/2019: что носить и как сочетать

However, it is not necessary to create the image of the canonical romantic girl, add, contrastate:

Summarizing all the described trends, we note that the essence of the season — the contrast, which is especially important for independent women. It is not necessary to be a refined girl in the air skirt to be female, because any dress can be combined with the heavy boots and the same poncho.

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