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Miuccia Prada: five interesting facts

Our heroine famously awarded himself the title of advocate of intellectual fashion, and it happened for a reason...

Perky Italian already seventy, but she does not get tired to surprise us. Most of all she likes to change the canons of female beauty, or as she puts it, "to turn ugly in an appealing". And rightly so — every Prada collection has a special character.

1. In the heart of the Texas desert is one of the Prada stores. Or rather, its layout. In 2005, the artists Michael Elmgreen and ingar Dragset have placed the installation right in the middle of a deserted place.

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Publication from Michael Green (@jmg_iii)27 Dec 2018 4:28 PST

2. This popularity was not until in 1978, the designer met with a businessman Patrizio Bertelli. First, they signed a cooperation agreement, and ten years later got married. Together the pair brought a little-known brand in fashion sky.

3. Each time at the end of the show, Miuccia Prada, as other designers until the end of the runway, but only peeks from behind the scenes. According to her, she doesn't want to take away the viewers attention from the models.

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Publication from Prada (@prada)11 Dec 2018 at 1:03 am PST

4. Miuccia is a workaholic. She never stopped working, even having a son. The result was the first collection of ready-to-wear in 1989. Critics have taken it sluggish, but confirmed that the Creator of a lot of potential.

5. Youth line Miu Miu was named in honor of the funny nicknames for our heroine. This name her name is close friends.

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