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In one black-black closet: 5 myths about this color

This color is probably a classic in the minds of women as well as little dress. gathered the main prejudices against dark clothes

When the street becomes cooler, we zadumyvaemsya about how to change wardrobe. In the autumn-winter period in the closet of most women is dominated by dark colors, particularly black.

This color has a lot of fans, but also not less haters. According to many boutique owners, clothing black diverges in the first place.

We offer you to deal with us, what are the facts about the black true and which should be forgotten.

Myth 1. Black — "honey" color

In this case, it is not in color. Most importantly, choose the desired shape and style of the clothes, then the color will fade into the background. Agree, if to choose between sports suit made in black color, and formal dress perfectly to you, but a different color, on some of the things will fall your choice?

In addition, when you acquire the thing black, make sure it is of excellent quality: never stick threads, no crooked seams, and the black thing should be perfectly ironed. And about the quality of the black fabric and can not speak: the cheap black things always visible, if they are really cheap.

В одном черном-черном шкафу: 5 мифов об этом цвете

Most importantly, choose the desired shape and style, visitto:

Myth 2. The black color will make me slimmer

This statement has some truth, but not one single black color. The same pulling effect can be provided by any other dark color such as Burgundy. So feel free to choose aubergine, dark green, blue, Burgundy, brown. The secret of the visual "weight loss" — straight lines. If you choose a kit, for example, a fully white color, you will create a vertical silhouette, which will "pull" you.

Myth 3. The black color is very practical

This is partly true. But apart from the mud, which is so afraid of the adherents of this point, there are many other factors such as animal dander. So if you decide to wear black pants and go to visit the person with a cat or dog, do not forget to take a sticky roller for the clothes.

Myth 4. Black color can be combined with any other colors

Pretty weak argument, as even black has shades, which are also quite difficult to combine with each other, not to mention the contrasting colors. You will have difficult with the combination of pastel colors with pure black color, because black in this case, cuts the silhouette. Better look to the softer dark colors: Burgundy and blue.

В одном черном-черном шкафу: 5 мифов об этом цвете

Black in this case, cuts silouette:

Myth 5. Black is suitable for any age

And here and there. Adult women, especially approaching 50-year milestone, you need to give preference to bright colors, as the powerful black is able to emphasize all your age-related changes.

В одном черном-черном шкафу: 5 мифов об этом цвете

Not one black color, edinphoto:

Do not completely get rid of the black things in my closet, but need to know the measure and not to dress him from head to toe. May you have a few classic things black for formal occasions, requiring serious dress code.

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