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From "Cheburashka" to the podium: the story of fur no casualties

Maria Koshkina designer coats faux-fur — said what started the history of the fashion trend of the XXI century and why more and more international designers refuse Sables and Minks

Faux fur appeared after the Second world war, because at that time was unable to afford the animals fur. People involved in survival and reconstruction of their cities. Before the fashion of the time did not stand the questions of what to wear. Faux fur coats worn with high heels and feather shawls on their heads. Fur the time served the function of warming element and the beauty of Soviet designers thought in the last turn, so the model was heavy and monotonous, without unnecessary details and ornaments. It then came into use the word "Cheburashka", i.e., something that looks like a stuffed toy.

In the USSR in the 60-ies of the thaw, and hipsters have made themselves coats themselves, trying to fit them into a photo from a magazine. Were in fashion leopard print and huge fur hats. The fur business was almost non-existent. Expensive animal fur could afford only very rich people. They were embarrassed to wear because it attracted attention and caused a lot of discussions-dressed "money to burn" and so on.

От «чебурашки» до подиума: история меха без жертв

Faux fur looks like naturalyte materials of press-services

The trend of faux fur could be developed further, but it is in the 70-ies around the world began to appear the animal farm that is grown specifically valuable fur-bearing animals. For further killing and getting fur. And started the boom in fur coats. Every self-respecting resident of the Soviet Union had in the cupboard Astrakhan and mink coat. For the poor, sewed model made out of dog fur or muskrat. All this beauty was accompanied by a large Arctic Fox hats and pins. Women adored his coats and copied the images of international stars and first lady of the state.

Further more. In 80-ies in Vogue of the fur coats to the floor. They were expensive, because their production had to destroy a huge number of animals. On the runways paraded models with a huge fur strips. What did those who could not afford a gorgeous designer outfits. Sewed them ourselves. I bought faux fur, subscribed to magazines and houses under cover of night, sewed. This, of course, was not always successful experiments, but it then emerged the first attempts to create ecohub.

In the early 90-ies of the world started talking about ecology and animal rescue. The scale production of fur animal has reached such proportions that jeopardized an entire species of fur-bearing animals. Huge popularity was received by the organization Greenpeace, whose activists went to fashion week in Paris, London and new York, and watered the unfortunate owners of animal fur dye and jam. At the end of XX century the mankind has realized that if you move forward at the same rate, on Earth there will be no fur-bearing animal.

От «чебурашки» до подиума: история меха без жертв

These coats are warm and maniapoto materials of press-services

The popularity of a trend starts on the runways and in well-known fashion houses. One of the first in 2006 year's Vivienne Westwood, which completely refused from animal fur. For them since the beginning of 2010 years this trend has picked up Ralph Lauren, Armani, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Stella McCartney, and many designers have become members of popular organization Fur Free Alliance, which aims to stop unnecessary (Yes, that's "unreasonable") the cruelty to animals around the world.

When in 2017 the movement was joined by Gucci, the world has realized that there is no turning back, because the brand, which for many years has made the best fur in the world, has declared that now will only use ECOMAG. In Russia one after another, designers began to pick up the fashion trend and try to sew models made of artificial materials. But the problem was that at that time the Belarusian fur is very different from, say, French. And the first models were not always beautiful and sophisticated. Plus it was obvious that this coat is faux fur.

От «чебурашки» до подиума: история меха без жертв

Even Sobchak moved to artificial мех

In the minds of Russians for many years sat the stereotype that natural mink coat is expensive and ornate. The reason for this was a hard time to get nice and pretty clothes it was simply impossible. And as soon as the curtain opened, the country has experienced fur coats for every taste. While the world gradually switched to synthetic materials, our fur was the trend.

But since 2011, the world had the technology that brought the faux fur to a new level. The French company Tissavel production DONGLIM its leader. Faux fur smooth and soft, and they easily tolerate changes in temperature and humidity. Artificial fur is not afraid to get hit by freezing rain. Fur can even be washed. And all at a very affordable price down jacket.

Today, designers are experimenting enough. In fashion again oversized coats that shelter its owner from head to toe. Just imagine how many animals would be left for the production of one such product?

Synthetic materials allow you to experiment with color, texture and textures. Designers clothe fur in plastic bags, sewn appliques, paint murals and sew gems. Ecoscuba suddenly become a palette for expression. And now, ladies tend not to buy a fur coat "under the mink or the Lama." It is interesting to carry a product that looks like artificial. Thus a woman can Express their position, to say that she's against killing animals for the sake of momentary beauty.

Well and about beauty. Of course, ecoscuba latest generation impress with their elegance and "wealth". French Tissavel ECOMAG allows you to create models worthy of the red carpet. Women in them feel like Queens. Finally ecomex no longer associate with Cheburashka.

От «чебурашки» до подиума: история меха без жертв

Love colored coats and Валерия

By the way, in the youth fashion in recent years is the trend for "Cheburashka" is gaining momentum. Trending coat of unrealistic shades, similar to Teddy bears.

Well, the last argument of the lovers of natural fur — it frost, was destroyed by modern technology. Today ecoscuba can be worn most of the year because they use insulation significantly reduces the ductility of the products. In the winter it is warm and cozy, and in the offseason, it is sufficient to detach the lining and wear the coat as a fur coat.

What awaits akamah in the future?

Clearly, this trend will develop. Today, more and more designers talking about recycling and creating less waste ecohub. From scraps of materials make stylish accessories: snudy, shoes, bags, mittens and hats. ECOMAG can be processed into material that is used for insulation of building structures.

And, most importantly, ethics today is not a fad, but a way of life. Protection of nature for the modern woman is a normal and natural attitude towards the world. In the next 10 years ecomex will be a daily material that is able to satisfy any wishes: from the texture of fur to colors and unusual combinations.

The conveyor is running and maybe the coats of animal furs soon we will be able to see only the image. At least, most of the designers this claim. And environmentally friendly and safe materials will become a new milestone in the history of fashion.

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