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The output is in color: the best ideas for cold winter

Frost is not a reason to abandon the bright colors. We present ideas on how to make your outfit lively and relevant

Many people forget that even regular jackets do not have to be black or grey colors. See how bright colors choose our stars. The popular actress Anna Khilkevich we even found a collection of colorful jackets.

Выход в цвет: лучшие идеи для холодной зимы

Anna Hilkevitch: INSTAGRAM.COM

And the actress is not afraid to combine several shades of the same color — as you know, this is often a difficult task. But a similar kit extends the silhouette and adds lightness and airiness to the whole image.

Выход в цвет: лучшие идеи для холодной зимы

Svetlana Bondarchyuk: INSTAGRAM.COM

Svetlana Bondarchuk, on the contrary, the choice of winter kit, on the contrary, chose a contrasting combination of purple and green (almost emerald color). Esoterics claim that this kit connects cosmic and earthly: green characterizes all the earth, and purple — it is space. Stylists often use such combinations when I want to create a bright and bold look.

Colored coats

Bright colored coats are in trend this is not the first season. Even the stars are not ashamed to wear eco-fur coats from artificial fur. The first tone was set by foreign celebrities, and then the banner of the "green" intercepted and Russian celebrities. For example, the singer Valeria bright eco-fur at least a couple.

Выход в цвет: лучшие идеи для холодной зимы


However, to wear or not to wear fur. Singer Angelica Agurbash recently presented his first collection of fur products 2019-2020, she created together with brand GNL.

Выход в цвет: лучшие идеи для холодной зимы

Angelica, Agarbatti: INSTAGRAM.COM

Выход в цвет: лучшие идеи для холодной зимы

Joint demonstration of Angelica Agurbash and aniki, Karimovites: INSTAGRAM.COM

Whatever the model of a bright explosion. To combine fur vests, bold coats, jackets-leather jackets and impeccable poncho from the GNL by ANGELICA from stylish jumpsuits, Trouser suits and evening dresses from aniki Kerimova — these options were presented to guests at a recent joint show of Angelica Agurbash and aniki Karimova.

Выход в цвет: лучшие идеи для холодной зимы

Anika Kerimov, modellfoto: INSTAGRAM.COM

Nodding analysis

You can add dynamism to your image, using just bright hat with mittens. This season's selection of hats so huge that you can find an option for every taste.

Выход в цвет: лучшие идеи для холодной зимы

Bella Potamkinauto: INSTAGRAM.COM

For example, Bella Potemkin chose a hat with a funny print, which was supposed to takes us somewhere in the snowy Lapland. And this option looks great with a fur coat from natural fur.

Выход в цвет: лучшие идеи для холодной зимы


TV presenter Aurora decided to focus on the pompom is also a very fashionable item of winter hats. White fur with pink pompom looks very fresh and daring.

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