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The strangest trends winter-2019

To wear or not to wear — decide for yourself, but to see it is by far, the expert believes stylist-image-maker Anna Bielski


Dressed as a cabbage? Oh yeah! And therefore the fashion. Layering is not the first season leading the catwalks. Skirt over a dress, shirt, t-shirt, and on top and a cardigan, leggings under a skirt and a hoodie under the jacket — and it's not the most daring ways to use this trend. What can I say, winter, this trend is of particular relevance — and therefore combinable with pleasure, but do not forget: to not allow yourself too much and unnecessary bulk, it is better not to use heavy texture.


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Publication from @sobraniecompany27 Nov 2018 1:05 PST

This is one of the most controversial trends that we met on the podium this year, but they dazzled in various roles. One of the varieties can be considered decorative hoods. Pay attention that if you had done such a fashion experiment, choose a Balaclava more boxy, that between the hair and the product remained in the air.

Incredible oversized

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Publication from Balenciaga (@balenciaga)Jan 6, 2019 at 7:54 PST

Oversized for several seasons the leader hard on the catwalks, however, this winter popular kind of Giga-size bed, which can wrap almost Chinese army. To implement or not to implement these trends is a matter of choice, however, if you still oversize to be, then use no more than one point in the cut in the image. The rest of try to choose on the figure.


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Publication by Dolce & Gabbana (@dolcegabbana)8 Dec 2018 11:43 PST

In itself the trend and the trend, nothing special. And of course, floor-length dress with coat unbuttoned, is loose. And then you remember that you are in Russia, where any gown very easily takes on the color of slush on the roads. However, the trend is the trend, and if the method of movement allows — why YES!

Two bags

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Publication by CHANEL (@chanelofficial)3 Oct 2018 8:57 PDT

Now there is no need to carry the bag, and the bag, because the Olympus of fashion dictates, can freely carry two bags, not just possible, but necessary! After all, this winter it has been documented that many of these packages do not exist!

To wear or not to wear, to implement or not to implement is a personal issue, but all trends it is important to remember that the style is the freedom, the style is you!

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