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Stars in the role of designers: Bieber Slippers, eco-bags are Leonardo DiCaprio and linen Moore chose unusual and creative collection of Hollywood celebrities

Justin Bieber

I remember last summer many fans of Justin Bieber were surprised: why it is their favorite took the fashion walk around in hotel Slippers. Now, however, it became clear that this, apparently, was "reconnaissance". Under the curtain of the past year revealed that the idol of millions of girls around the world, has released a collection of hotel Slippers.

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Publication from Rhode Hailey Bieber (@haileybieber)25 Dec 2018 at 8:14 PST

For sale is a new creature Bieber's "only" 350 rubles. It would seem that who needs a hotel Slippers, first, the disposable, and second, always issued free of charge. However, the first party, says the Justin, were sold out in a matter of hours. So waiting for the next masterpiece from the world of fashion authorship Bieber. Something else will come up with the current sex symbol of youth?

Leonardo DiCaprio

Oscar-winning actor has long been known for being very kind to animals and the environment. The Fund, which he established several years ago, is actively investing significant funds in various initiatives to save the environment. And more recently, Leo has decided to support financially sustainable fashion business. Now DiCaprio is one of the shareholders of the Shoe brand, which produces eco-friendly shoes.

Звезды в роли дизайнеров: тапочки Бибера, эко-сумки Леонардо ди Каприо и белье Мур

Photo: materials of press-services

Sleepers, shoes, sneakers, flip flops — nothing the latest trend, but all in the spirit of the current eco-trends. All footwear is made from Merino wool, wood pulp, produced without the use of chemicals, and sugar cane. Hardly Leo himself sits and draws a new model, but the fact of participation of an actor pair to any magical effect on his fans: say, sales of the brand increased dramatically in recent times.

Julianne Moore

In his fifty-something actress has a figure that will be envied and twenty-year beauty. And such forms require a beautiful shell. That is why the actress agreed to participate in the release of a new collection of premium line Range from Triumph. This is a collaborative project of Julianne and British designer Christina Jobe.

Звезды в роли дизайнеров: тапочки Бибера, эко-сумки Леонардо ди Каприо и белье Мур

Julianne, Muroto: materials of press-services

The collection is literally imbued with the spirit of the Swiss Alps: honey and pure natural colors — dark blue pre-dawn sky and smoky, were scattered along the slopes of lavender become the backdrop for weightless, hand-made stripes in the form of peonies and azaleas, the atmosphere of sedate luxury Swiss mountain resorts.

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