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Trends in manicure spring-summer 2019

Nails — the pride of any girl. will tell you which types of nail art are popular in this season

Modern girl is difficult to imagine without the perfect nails. What services are not offered in stores: all kinds of manicure, nail extension, durable cover, and so on.

In the new season, you can not limit your imagination, your choice of a variety of options: from ordinary to intricate design.

The Foundation of the new season can be considered shellac. This is at the peak of popularity for that year. As this kind of coverage refers to the long-term, you have to wear it at least a week and a half, so come to the choice of color and design consciously, because to fix the manicure alone will not work. Let's consider all the options that we offer master nail art.

Тренды маникюра весны-лета 2019

Dilute, monochromate:

Brightness and monochrome

In this season popular will be catchy shades such as blue and orange. Of calm, you can offer an olive or dull yellow.

Lovers of contrasts can not worry — their favorite red, black and white are still losing popularity and relevance.

In the past goes artsy design at the height of fashion easy. Black coating will not be boring, rather, show that you follow trends. Avoid bright colors on long nails, you don't want to be vulgar? The longer the nails, the quieter should be covering.

A matte finish will be relevant for the next six months, though, so feel free to choose it if the soul asks.

Art on nails

Designers do not limit your imagination and the artist in terms of drawings on the nail plate. Do you like spongebob? Go ahead, ask the master. Maybe you prefer the strict geometric lines? Again this season you favor. Many girls repeat the patterns with their clothes — is also a good idea.

But don't get carried away with the art, take a maximum of a few nails, or a manicure will look tacky.

Тренды маникюра весны-лета 2019

Lovers of contrasts will be happy - dark color relevant in this godovoe:

The most popular technique of coating-2019:

- Stirka;

- glitter;

- "cat's eye";

- stamping;

- broken glass;

- gradient.

Тренды маникюра весны-лета 2019

A good professional will help you create an incredible creatuforo:


Think Nude will never lose positions. It is understandable: how many designs can be created in pastel colors! Of course, it is important to choose a really professional master, only in this case your manicure will attract attention of others and admiration.


Another "immortal" leader of the queries in the salons. In the new season, it is possible to dilute the classics the original combination of, for example, a single nail to decorate a gradient, or the growing popularity of the foil. So not only do you not get lost in the crowd, but also get a lot of compliments.

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