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How did our favorite wardrobe items

The history of the dresses, classic suits, shoes and jeans

Women's pant suits

The story of the creation of a pants suit for women originated in the 19th century. The American feminist Amelia bloomer went on an unprecedented impudence — wear along with a wide-brimmed hat and the usual jacket and skirt, wide-leg trousers. The woman protested against the wearing of petticoats, the weight of which, just imagine reached 17 kg! However, to follow her example, no one dared — it was considered indecent for a woman to show some legs, even in trousers. Almost half a century passed until finally invented the modern Bicycle, which was possible only in pants. "Women shouted: Hooray! And in air caps threw" — so wrote in his famous Griboyedov Comedy of the 19th century. Maybe not in vain? With the invention of the Bicycle, women were allowed to wear pants, primarily for their own safety — the skirt was wound on the pedal. A revolution in the history of costume made Coco Chanel — famous fashionista who likes to carry objects of the male wardrobe to the female. Love the costumes, scored the Oscar-winning actress Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Hepburn and many others. Yves Saint Laurent acknowledged the pantsuit "the main event of the 20th century" and set about creating the perfect women's tuxedos present creations of the fashion house Saint Laurent is considered the epitome of sexiness and comfort in one package.

Как появились наши любимые предметы гардероба

Costume now wear not only maginifico:


Originally the dress was not the subject of a woman's wardrobe — worn by all: men and women, children and the elderly. Still, some countries still, such traditions — so, in the United Arab Emirates sheiks wearing long dresses of white color, in Scotland the representatives of the indigenous people wearing a kilt, in Russia, the monks walk in long dresses. In Ancient Egypt dresses consisted of two stitched canvas fabric with thin spaghetti straps tied at shoulders. Over time the kind of dresses changed — they became more elaborate and more gorgeous, the silhouette has changed — now it was fitted clothing accentuates the woman's figure. Men began to wear trousers. Until the 20th century, dresses worn with corsets and lower skirts design was heavy, women who have experienced a lot of inconvenience. In the beginning of last century it was decided to abandon the awkward models in favor of health and versatility — in 1926 Coco Chanel introduced on the catwalk the legendary little black dress. During the great Depression in America it has helped to equalize women, allowing them to be stylish as the beggar, and the wife of the banker.

Как появились наши любимые предметы гардероба

Little black dress should be every, magnezytowe:


Unfortunately, and here women are deprived of attention. The first pumps designed for men. First, in the 16th century, they had no heel and were intended to be worn by servants so they could quietly move around the house so as not to disturb the owners. Only at the end of the 19th century, shoes were "moved" in the closet of the average European added heel height 4 cm, which helped to align posture and ease the load of the spine when walking. In the mid-20th century French fashion house Roger Vivier a revolution — introduced the first model of women's shoes with thin heels 8 cm high. Fashionista with burning eyes rushed to buy trendy shoes. For example, Marilyn Monroe never appeared in public in shoes without heels — a woman loved illusion of longer legs and to compensate for this small increase. Now pumps — the subject of basic wardrobe that will never go out of fashion.

Как появились наши любимые предметы гардероба

Pumps - the subject of basic Garderobe:

Jeans for women

It is difficult to imagine a girl without several pairs of jeans in the closet. Mom-jeans, skinny, boyfriend — jeans, suitable for women, a lot. However, it was not always so. The first jeans, which, as many know, came up with the young Levi Strauss in 1873, appeared in the wardrobe of the fair sex only half a century later. In 1935, American businessman, created the first model of jeans, modernizing the classic 501 to 701 — narrowed waist and increased thigh girth. At that time in America was popular boarding ranch where you can walk in the woods, or travel on horseback. There are women and jeans in everyday life to walk in them was still considered bad form. Then popular designer Anne Fogarty warned in his book on style: "If You want to keep her husband, never, under any circumstances, do not wear jeans!" Only 80 years after Calvin Klein jeans are "out" on the runway — designers offered a new model, and a lover of stylish things vengeance sported in the former work clothes.

Как появились наши любимые предметы гардероба

Levi Strauss created a model of women's gensoveta:

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