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Fishnet tights: dare to be stylish

Not all dare to experiment with such a bold item of clothing, however don't worry about the fashion failure

The first "sprouts" of fashion in this daring model of the tights come up in the 20-ies of the last century in the cabaret "Moulin Rouge". 50 years have passed, tights have taken on a new life in the punk culture, where "mesh" was an integral part of women's wardrobe, adjoining leather and metal.

Nowadays designers offer a crazy variety of models for every taste: small, large grid, dark, neutral, bright. Many fashion houses allocate these tights as an element of street style.

Колготки в сеточку: рискните быть стильной

punk and rock style can not do without this item, Garderobe:

How to choose the fishnet tights

This model is so called due to the diamond weave. The girl's feet in these tights appear slimmer and longer. The image choices can be very different, because the tights fit beneath almost all, just need to know the measure and not to cross the line of bad taste and vulgarity.

Fishnet tights and coats

It seems that warm clothes can not be combined with thin, lightweight socks and products. However, do not rush to make such conclusions.

All you need is to find a more opaque tights and wear them under the dress MIDI. Important: the coat should not hide your feet, otherwise you miss the whole purpose of the idea. Shoes select massive, to smooth out the flip top. And wet pavement is easier to walk in shoes than in ballet flats.

Колготки в сеточку: рискните быть стильной

don't be afraid of bright cvetovoda:

Bright fishnet tights

This option is suitable for creative and bold girls who are not afraid to go for the experiments. Colored tights will give you individuality, you will not get lost in the crowd.

But do not select too bright color, the best act on the contrast, for example, blue with yellow or green with red.

Fishnet tights with a fur coat

The coat goes perfectly with tights and stockings, most importantly, to choose the right color of fur. Look at the dark bellows: they will make your look more sophisticated. Under the coat you can wear a light dress just above the knee. Shoes have to be heels.

Fishnet tights and leather skirt

Back in the ' 70s — era rock and punk, who can forget the hit among all the daring girls of the time — leather skirt. Only it must be a mini-skirt. On top wear a loose sweater with a high collar.

So you show yourself in a good light: not too challenging, thanks to the "balance" in the form of sweaters.

Колготки в сеточку: рискните быть стильной

designers offer a wide selection of socks, isdelete:

Fishnet tights and long skirt with cut-out

If you do not like a relaxed office style, dilute his rebellious notes. Choose a skirt-Maxi with deep cut on the side. To balance the bottom will help you a silk shirt long sleeve pastel shades.

So as not to attract too much attention to the cut and divert the views of the bright handbag.

Fishnet tights with shorts

Leather skirt can be replaced with shorts. It all depends on what look you want to create: for street style top you can wear a hoodie, and shoes to choose heavy boots.

To give yourself feminine, put on a light sweater and light shorts.

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