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What kind of things should not be thrown away — what will be fashionable a couple of years later

Regular analysis of the wardrobe — a useful habit. However, some things should be left in the closet until better times


Loose in the hips jeans designers came up with in the 80s, for two decades they were part of the basic wardrobe of any woman. In 2018, was the fashionable style of the 80s, respectively, and this style of jeans. Stylists say that by 2019, loose in the hips jeans, if you took them out of the closet mom's or older sister's, went out of fashion. Still at the peak of popularity jeans with a high waist, but somewhat modified style from the 80s we slowly moved to the 70-m — models flared style, narrow hips and wide in the leg. However, you should not throw awaythe mom jeans — they'll be back in the wardrobes of fashionistas a few years later when the fashion will move in the decades back.

Какие вещи не стоит выбрасывать — что будет модно пару лет спустя

Mom-jeans will be back in the wardrobes, modelfoto:


The harsh Russian winter forced fashionistas to wrap myself up in huge scarves, not to amorosity cheeks. However, sometimes girls reach extremes — instead of trying to cover up scarf around the neck, wrapped his around my face so that barely visible to the eye. If you have a wardrobe have a similar scarf made of natural cotton mixed with wool, find another use for it — you can take it with you on the plane as a blanket or while walking to throw on your shoulders if you get chilly tonight. Stylists offer to replace voluminous scarves stoles cotton and silk — they will protect your neck from wind, but will not allow you to overheat and sweat. By the way, they look at the girls much neater and harmoniously with outerwear.

Какие вещи не стоит выбрасывать — что будет модно пару лет спустя

Stylists offer to replace voluminous scarves, platinumphoto:

Waist bag

Last year bag that attaches at the hips, was widely presented in the assortment of brands in different price categories — from mass market to luxury. The bags were of different sizes, wallets, bananas and even clutches. This season the designers have changed the minimalism on the plus size: in Vogue once again include huge bags shoppers, which can put half your stuff, if not more. Do not hurry to get upset and throw out your favorite Fanny pack — this model became a classic of casual style, so useful for even the most sophisticated fashionistas. Bag on the belt will come in handy if you plan to travel, it is convenient to keep a minimum set of essential items — phone, battery, money and documents. Also, these bags are now worn by sports enthusiasts while Jogging — put a small bottle of water, phone and house keys.

Какие вещи не стоит выбрасывать — что будет модно пару лет спустя

Bag on the belt you need if you're going to puteshestvovat:

The striped sweater

Let the bloggers keep saying that these things really need to throw away, don't listen to them — just a couple of years will come the era of 60s. During the famous Twiggy girls and then paraded through the streets of Europe, striped things — what a bizarre combination of colors and the width of the strips, the better. To make a long sweater look carefully, before you clean, wash with conditioner and walk on its surface by a special machine for cutting the spool. I think that these sweaters will be worn over shirts in conjunction with jeans high waist and chunky boots.

Какие вещи не стоит выбрасывать — что будет модно пару лет спустя

What a bizarre combination of colors and width of stripes, lucchetto:

Denim shirt

The trend in denim total-bow is gone, but will return a couple of years later in a new direction. While we expect that designers will come up with the future, not worth throwing a denim shirt on the top shelf of the wardrobe: wear them over a white base t-shirt along with leggings, matte leather or loose cotton dress length below the knee. Daring fashionistas can afford a shirt and a long jacket — it still remains at the peak of popularity. Put the shirt in the suitcase when I start packing for a long vacation — it can be worn with white pants high waist using strings at waist level.

During the parsing of the closet first, think about whether you thing, and then about how fashionable it — trends are changing too frequently to consistently follow them. Enough to know how to tastefully combine things, to always dress with taste. However, do not hesitate to discard old things are frankly — worse than tasteless clothes only worn by time — pellets, holes and spots. From be get rid of immediately, and do not clutter up her closet.

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