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Shoes that makes you a simpleton

Not all shoes even if you are sunk into the soul, it is pertinent on city streets. will tell you how to avoid a fashion failure

Agree, it's a shame when you want to look your best at an important event or meeting with classmates, and then randomly know one of them that your shoes become the most discussed thing. And all because you need to follow the current fashion solutions!

Well, we will not let you lose face... and shoes in the mud. What models it is better to stay away from?

Shoes with elongated noses

Found some old boots with pointed toe? Take it and throw it away immediately! In such shoes you waiting for the biggest fashion failure. Today "stitching" noses rarely seen even in a Shoe store, and all because in the new year at the women's choice fell on the model with a slightly pointed nose that visually elongated the leg and make you look more feminine. But wearing these shoes with a short skirt or shorts do not need the perfect combination is skirt just above the knee or pant suit.

Active decor

No, no and no again. Ruffles, feathers, rhinestones and spikes are suitable only middle school girls, but not adult women. In such shoes you run the risk of becoming Queen of a provincial ball.

Обувь, которая делает вас простушкой

Too bright decor gives you proctoscope:


Men with a smile call these shoes "hooves". And for good reason. Today the platform is the height of bad taste. In addition, the walk in such shoes terrible port, which does not remain hidden from men's eyes. Replace your old lace-up shoes with a chunky heel, or, at least, on the stud. The wedge is the absolute reverse trend.

Обувь, которая делает вас простушкой

Wedge in the understanding of men - "hoof"Photo:

Crochet boots

This is truly a strange thing! Not only that, they look, to put it mildly, ugly, so also bring inconvenience not more. Let's not even talk what happens to these boots when wet. If young girls is somehow possible to forgive these fashion tricks for adult women this is a very strange choice given the huge number of fashion models.


Ugg boots are "live" for the first season, but that doesn't mean they will be a great purchase. They can be worn only at home, if nobody sees. Go out on the street in these shoes for several years as strange. Considering that this Shoe has never been considered sexy and did not give the hostess grace.


Another non-standard model in our ranking. They were originally meant for the poorest even in the last century, but the passage of time these shoes filled the shelves. We do not claim that this model deserves a scrap, but it is important to choose the right model. The most important thing is to avoid too pronounced ethnic element.

Miniature heel

Heel-the glass has long gone out of fashion. As we thought. But in the streets it is still possible to meet women in shoes with a tiny heel. It is so small that it becomes completely unnecessary. Better replace it with a wide and stable heel.

Обувь, которая делает вас простушкой

Heel-the glass is obsolete, refrain from such obovate:

Plastic shoes

Oh, how many girls chose these shoes last summer! And complement her transparent bags and backpacks, which, honestly, makes no sense at all and benefits. These shoes fit except for walking down a runway and everything. If you want to stand out, know that plastic shoes are not breaking it in and not breathe and this means that the entire city will have to watch your bloody corn. It is necessary to you?

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