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How to look fashionable on vacation

Why high heels and elegant dresses better substitute for a shirt and jeans — will tell

Each of our readers in the journey, always want to look your best! Often this desire leads to the fact that the suitcase becomes very heavy, and in the end of all taken from a variety half we put on. Are there any useful ligaki that will help to save space in the suitcase, but without loss in appearance in the journey? This is what we tell the designer Anika Kerimov.

Как выглядеть модно в отпуске

Anika, Crimewatch: materials of press-services

Prefer casual dress

A journey with me you always want to take the best of everything and account for all possible circumstances, because you never know where you will be. Usually, going on a trip, we mentally divide the clothes by function: for day trips and for an evening out. As a rule, evening wear is in the journey unnecessary, but takes up a lot of space (big dress, high heels and so on).

More accessories

I suggest you to leave most of evening dresses home and to focus on jewelry and accessories. Using these little gizmos in your basic daily things can sparkle with different colors and turn into a full formal outfit. Try to take less t-shirts and more, shirts, blouses, and simple dresses, all these things will be suitable for an evening out.

Как выглядеть модно в отпуске

jeans and shirt is the best bow for opuscapita:

Even a simple white shirt + jeans will be appropriate to look at the club or restaurant, combined with bright accessories and makeup. So uncomplicated way you'll save a lot of space in your suitcase, and your elegant evening outfits will not suffer from transportation.

Take less shoes

In addition, do not overestimate the need to recruit a bunch of different shoes. Usually what takes so much space in the suitcase, the outcome is absolutely not necessary, because after a day of walking to get up in the evening on heels absolutely do not want. Take only comfortable shoes and a few pairs even in sneakers you'll look chic at any event, if skillfully beat them due to accessories and jewelry. If without the beautiful shoes you cannot live, take some boats and one or two pairs of comfortable casual shoes.

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