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5 mistakes in clothes Russian girls

Our compatriot can be found in any city in the world

The beauty of Russian women is celebrated in many countries around the world. Our compatriot is easy to find on the streets of Paris or Rome, thanks to its bright appearance. However, what is considered stylish and fashionable, citizens of other countries is slightly puzzling.

Mistake # 1

Our girls are too fashion conscious. While forgetting that the collections that are fashion houses on the catwalks, not necessarily meant to be wearable. Compatriots are trying to put on things this season all at once — they want to be in trend. The basic things in the wardrobe may be completely absent. It smacks of bad taste.

5 ошибок в одежде русских девушек

We love only "firm", even if it's made in Kiteto:

Mistake # 2

Europeans surprised by the ability of our ladies to dress according to the season. The fact that, for example, in many cities of Italy there is no Central heating. Therefore, clothing should be layered, warm and comfortable. Our ladies, regardless of the weather, appear in summer slim dresses.

5 ошибок в одежде русских девушек

Always zvezdopada:

Mistake # 3

What a star outfit on the red carpet, for Russian women casual wear. We create ourselves and others the mood is bright and flashy clothes, however sometimes we are mistaken for freaks. To go to kindergarten in a mini-skirt, paired with a sheer blouse and a plunging neckline can only Russian.

5 ошибок в одежде русских девушек

Sometimes we look, sosnovoe:

Mistake # 4

Comfortable shoes? Never heard of it. Wearing high heels constantly, uncomfortable, but effective. Ice and frost on the sand and on the pavement 365 days a year she is able to proudly and majestically to waddle and suffer — the beauty demands victims.

5 ошибок в одежде русских девушек

Russian will never give up, spiletto:

Mistake # 5

A limit of dreams of our mothers was a mink coat as a sign of status and family security. She had been saving for years, and I must admit that in some areas of our country without this outerwear from the house in winter will not work. However, it is absolutely not appropriate in warm countries, where even the stars refuse to wear real fur, and actively protect the animals. In a chic coat you'll look like a brutal murderer, mi-mi-Mishnah animals.

5 ошибок в одежде русских девушек

As barbarians, we wear the skins of any of pogolotti:

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