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Neon is the main trend of the season

Will advise what combination of trendy shades illuminated

Bright yellow, light green, pink and orange — the colors of the reflective from afar more like a uniform than the usual items of clothing. However, fashionistas around the world with the coming of spring began to flaunt clothing trendy shades. If this trend seems strange and unsustainable, we'll show you what you can combine bright accents.

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Publication from Blake Lively (@blakelively)on the 18th August 2018 at 7:50 PM PDT


The most fashionable combination this season was a combination of neon yellow and sand colors. Fashion gurus prefer to wear bright sweatshirts with pants chinos and bright sneakers, or wear a neon turtleneck under a long coat and overalls. Shades of beige palette "mute" the brightness of the neon yellow, so it blends into the frame of the image. Wear these images in the spring with dark glasses and large earrings of gold color. More daring girls can add accessories with leopard prints — very bold and unusual at the same time.

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Publication from RITA ORA (@ritaora)on 27 Sept 2018 8:09 PDT


Classic is always in fashion. However the usual tuxedo black color for the season changes the "color" — green jackets and trousers from a suiting fabric or neoprene. Their ladies wear together with black turtlenecks and worn heels. Another interesting option is the combination of bright t-shirts and tough leather jackets with black jeans high waist and lacquer bottomtime. If you are decided on such experiments, buy sweater unusual shade — it will be less bright and therefore will not make you nervous about the strangeness of the image.


Cloaks, coats, capes, and even raincoats in the spring every coat it will look trivial in bright color. Together with the white overalls of flying tissue jeans or a loose sweater this color will not "drop out" of the image. Less bold girls suggest to add white total-bow neon accessories — clutch bag with chain, across body bag, custom necklace or large earrings with tassels — fits all.

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Publication from Kim Kardashian West (@@kimkardashian)15 Oct 2018 5:25 PDT


Just a couple of years ago, the catwalks and fashion magazines were filled with on trend neon stripes and metal rivets on the jeans. Now the trend is changed a little — couturier suggest the girls to wear bright yellow and orange badley under a Jean jacket and jeans at the Empire waist. The image can be supplemented with a plaid jacket length is below the hip line instead of a jacket, or to replace Banton on a Fanny pack — they are less likely to appear in fashion shows, but very versatile in life and still are popular among fashionistas.


I doubt that anyone will dare to wear all garments of the same color, the more such bright. However, to miss this option and not to say the trend is in the same way color can't. So many celebrities have been filmed by paparazzi in this way. Among them is a certain trendsetter Kim Kardashian, actress Blake lively, singer Rita Ora and others.

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Publication from Kylie (@kyliejenner)5 Sept 2018 5:47 PDT

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