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Secrets models as well turn out in the photo will share a few tips to make the photo shoot successful

Sometimes it seems that you need to have secret knowledge to successfully get the photos. Why some girls, even with a mediocre appearance, pictures are not worse than Hollywood Actresses? In fact, for a good photo effect faster your posing skills than appearance. Tell a few secrets used by the model.

Fresh "natural" makeup

Textured face is highlighted with light and shadow areas helps well turn out in the photos. It is important to choose the color of Foundation, blending with your skin tone. Don't forget to apply blush on the apples of the cheeks and gloss pink or peach shade on the lips. A few more tips on sculpting the face:

  • Concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone, apply to areas under the eyes, around the nose, center of forehead, chin, "the box" on the upper lip and the nose.
  • Powdery bronzer or a dark concealer apply in dimples under the cheekbones, tip of nose and bottom of chin whiskey.
  • Apply highlighter to the area under the eyebrows, corners of eyes, bridge of the nose, a "tick" above the lip, the top of the cheekbones.

Секреты моделей: как удачно получаться на фото

natural makeup will give the face a fresh, bigfoto:

Appropriate clothing

Pick clothing for photos depending on your type of figure. If you have shapely legs, wear a short dress or skirt with black tights and high heels or bottomtime above the knee — they also "elongated" silhouette. Girls who are overweight are advised to choose a plain loose clothing — trapeze dress in black, blue or dark green. Remember that bright colors and prints make you bigger — such clothing is better to combine with a classic jacket or loose pants that will balance the look. Don't forget to walk on the surface of clothes sticky roller to Polish shoes wax.

Pick accessories so that they visually increased the zone: small chest — attach a brooch, a narrow waist and wide hips — wear a belt or waistband-peplum. During shooting it is better to postpone away the bag pictured, it rarely looks good. Usually only creates creases on the clothes and "warps" the shape. The same goes for any additional packages.

Секреты моделей: как удачно получаться на фото

it is important to choose adiuvat:

Winning pose

And the main thing is to tell you how to pose in photos. First of all, you need to be both collected and relaxed. It seems that this is impossible, but in vain. Under discipline we mean perfect posture — back straight, shoulders, blades slightly reduced. And under the relaxed — facial expressions, position of hands and fingers including a turn of the head. It is also important to follow the hair — some girls like to mechanically fill their ears, and then the photographs obtained with large ears. Before the photo shoot, practice posing in front of a mirror:

  • Stand sideways — shoulders directed at the camera, hips a bit sideways to her. Leg leave a little to the side, slightly bent at the knee. Hand from the speaker of the hips at the waist, and the other is either on the other leg, or neck. The fingers should be soft — relax your hand and put them together, slightly bent.
  • Stand up straight — shoulders, hips slightly towards the side, if you rely on one of them. The "free" leg kick to the side of the sock. One hand, from the rejected thighs, the waist, the other to set aside the leg.
  • And turn to the side. The photographer should take you to the waist or higher. Turn your head to the camera, the shoulder looks in the same direction. The "free" hand to lightly hug the shoulder, the fingers relaxed, slightly bent, between them.
  • Stand up straight and look at the camera. Photographer takes you by the shoulders. Hand hold the back of your hand to face. Flex your fingers and put hand to chin.

We hope that our tips will help you make wonderful photo shoot, which will result in good pictures.

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