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The little things that give cheap clothes

Everyone wants to look expensive, but at minimal cost. will tell you what to look for when choosing a budget model

Many people mistakenly believe that only prohibitively expensive thing is worth attention and will look chic. It is not so. The shocking price tag does not guarantee quality, but sometimes even branded items come in all sorts of antidengue lists.

How to strike a balance between price and quality and not to get into fashion trouble? We will help you.

Мелочи, которые выдают дешевую одежду

the quality of the material can play a cruel, Sutkute:


Probably the most important rule — the choice of quality material. For example, a Jersey that combines two types of fibers, natural and synthetic, a good budget option. In the cold season buy a sweater, the production of which was used cashmere at least in small quantities.

If you love silk and satin fabric, pay attention to the gloss the stronger the shimmering fabric, the more cheap it looks. Natural silk is only slightly gleaming in the light.

Denim fans should pay attention to the material with a high content of cotton. And if you can't live without leather jackets and pants, you will save leatherette, which in the modern world is made very well, at first glance it is difficult to distinguish from genuine leather.


The second point, which will give to you the winner of the cheap stuff. Yes, the material is very important, but even the most high-quality and expensive fabric you can spoil a sloppy seams. In addition, the edge of the fabric to be processed, zippers — everything in its place, and thread in any case does not stick out in different directions.

Мелочи, которые выдают дешевую одежду

choose plain, visitto:


Oh, those gold ruffles and buttons! Perhaps this is the case when a seemingly small detail can spoil all the work to create the image. Bright, shiny dots on the clothes will make it clear that the owner of the stuff doesn't taste great. Any decoration on clothing should be in small quantities and not "shout" its presence.


Good material never loses its shape. Let's say you want to buy a new handbag in that case look for models with clear shapes, slouchy bags will reduce any well-constructed look.

Мелочи, которые выдают дешевую одежду

all seams and zippers should be on your masteloto:


Stylish, high quality item is never "flashy" shades, especially neon. Global brands prefer to focus on monochrome and color depth. To the colors that make thing visually more are Bordeaux, purple, black, beige, white, emerald.

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