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Fashion "no": what not to wear the big girls

Woman of all sizes want to look attractive, but it doesn't always work. will help you to avoid failure, if your parameters are not model

Any woman is important as she looks, there is hardly such, who care about their appearance. However, girls with a full complexion the most difficult to choose clothes to highlight all of its advantages, because almost all of the fashion industry is subject to perfect forms, which are rare in life.

Agree, it's hard and uncomfortable to sit on regular diets, to test your limits exercise, then immediately to gain the lost weight. Yes, and many full women like their uniforms, so their only desire is to select the right clothes.

No need to worry about that in the boutique of the famous brand you can't find your size, most importantly, to determine the correct style and competently accents. In this case, you would envy even the slim girls.

Модные «нет»: что нельзя надевать пышным девушкам

to sit on a rigid diet - yet, udovolstviem:


The material is the most important aspect in the selection of clothes for full girls. It depends on how you will look, even if you a perfect fit dress form, poor quality fabric can easily destroy your image.

Abstain from too tight and rough fabrics such as drape, thick knit large pattern, patterns, fur decoration.

Do not overdo transparent materials. In any case, do not use transparent fabric in the hips or waist, the best for this material is suitable decollete and shoulders.

Interestingly, the lace and shiny fabrics were considered a contraindication to full girls, however, stylists claim that this is a way to divert attention from the imperfect shape. But do not overdo it.


Immediately discard prejudices about white: no, he's not fat. With proper selection of style white color you even "pull". Do not create contrast sets, for example, white top — dark bottom. So you "cut" figure and accentuate the fullness.

Many big girls are fond of black color, which well disguises problem areas. But not worth dwelling on it. There are so many bright colors that will help create an interesting image, you get a lot of compliments. Such colors include blue and light green.

You can combine neutral shades with bright — just remember that a bright accent in the image should be only one.

Модные «нет»: что нельзя надевать пышным девушкам

be careful with transparent dynamite:


Small flowers on dress, our favorite women — the real "killer" figure that has something to hide. The same applies to the horizontal stripes.

Refrain from combinations of major and minor elements on the clothes, they will make you even more.

Instead, look good optical prints that visually smooths the figure. In addition, they are gaining popularity this season.

For large patterns, it all depends on your imagination — there are no restrictions.


Full girls are trying to hide figure flaws wearing baggy clothing or clothing a few sizes bigger, not realizing that in this way they further draw attention to her figure. But you should not rush to buy a slinky dress. You will approach poluoblegayuschie styles of pants, blouses and jackets. Choose the silhouettes more feminine.

On the contrast lovers hoodies are girls who are looking for clothes a size or two smaller, trying to pull figure. Understand that clothing is small in size, you will not drag and will only attract unwanted attention. Under the thin tight fabric that will appear unattractive bumps, and instead of admiring glances you will catch glances of bewilderment.

And finally — candid images. Yes, with the onset of heat girls choose out of the closet all the short and open. Don't do that. Your goal is to accentuate the advantages. Short skirts and shorts will not help to outline your feminine silhouette. So give up the mini in favor of elegance.

Модные «нет»: что нельзя надевать пышным девушкам

do not cut the figure in contrasting colors and avoid horizontal Profoto:

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