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The perfect couple: learn how to combine the image of the partner with his

You and your man get along well, but I can't find a compromise in clothing. will tell you how to create a harmonious "look" in the same style

To be stylish — in itself a difficult task. But have you ever thought about how to maintain harmony not only in relationships with men, but in the style with him? If not, then now is the time. The theme of entertaining and useful to any fashionista that has a partner.

We will try to consider ways that will help to create a stylish look for a pair that will surely come in handy when planning a General photo shoot or be useful for everyday life.

Surely you pay attention to passers-by and sometimes I notice a man and a woman, seemingly together, but absolutely not combined in the selection of clothing and accessories. For example, male business suit, and a woman walking in sweat pants. And it all happens in the theater. Agree, so-so combination.

Идеальная пара: учимся сочетать образ партнера со своим

at least a few wardrobe items must be combined on cvetovoda:

Quite common when the woman turns to the stylist together with her man, so their images are not fundamentally different. It's so nice when people appreciate not only your good taste but also a great choice of the image of a man walking along with you.

By the way, the unity of style is important not only for couples but also for business partners. If your images are created in the same style, it makes a good impression on potential customers. You will be much easier to win over people as they will see you taking coherence not only in the work.

There are 5 waysfor you to become one in style.

Pick the style to match the occasion

Nothing is more important than relevance. You do not say, come, for example, at lunch in the cafe and saw there a girl in a cocktail dress and evening makeup. Or the man who, say, on vacation at least a day on the beach, even in the evening to the theatre wearing your favorite shorts. Always consider the dress code. And make sure that the partner also treated to choose with all the importance.

As for your business partner, you must work together to determine the severity of the event and what colours you both in this time that the difference in style was evident.

Идеальная пара: учимся сочетать образ партнера со своим

choose similar, modelfoto:

Make only one accent

If any of you decide to choose a vivid image, appropriate to the occasion, to the other partner (whether business or partner in life) is necessary to balance the overall picture, pick up a discreet, preferably a monochrome image.

Try to combine colors

We're not talking about what you need to completely repeat the color scheme of your halves. No. Just in your images, there should be no sharp transitions. The ideal option is to choose accessories that you and your men will be about the same color, for example, your shoes and his tie.

Идеальная пара: учимся сочетать образ партнера со своим

the overall style is important for the business, partnerbot:

Texture should be different

Let's say you and your man like the same color. There is nothing to worry, just you need to choose fabrics of different materials, and not to repeat in the patterns. For example, you can wear black leather pants, and your partner — a black cotton shirt. Then people give the impression that you have no imagination.

Let your accessories will have a lot in common

This point applies more to fans of accessories, for example you both prefer hats or umbrellas. If you will come out with roughly the same items, you'll be in a good combination.

Remember that it is important not to copy the style of each other, but to complement and to combine correctly the colors, textures and overall theme of the event.

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