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Military−2019: whether or not to wear - lifestyle -

Wearing a hussar tunic and walk through the city center? If your answer is "Yes", read tips from and be in trend this season

Maria Блавацкая19 Feb 2019 17:4442990

Милитари−2019: стоит ли носить - Стиль жизни -

Military style is not necessarily pretentious, jakeypoo:

Someone might surprise the fact that the military created not by designers. This style appeared suddenly and permanently captured the minds of fashionistas from around the world.

From the history of style

Military style originated in the last years of the Second world war, in times of shortage not only of food, but also necessities. Military clothing people had to adapt to life.

In the course were any elements for various purposes: clothes for children from small to large, all kinds of dresses and costumes.

After some time, in the late sixties, designers fashion houses looked to an unusual style of dress that often flashed on television: at this time, the youth protested against the war, young people, and in the early fifties, began to alter military uniform, turning her into regular clothes. Thus, they showed their aversion to any military action, called for peace.

Милитари−2019: стоит ли носить - Стиль жизни -

Coat straight cut will elongate you and make you spread, pelecypoda:

Designers have considered this decision very original and began to create, adding to their collections a little at first, and then fully militarized items of clothing.

Female images

If you ask one of your friends how they imagine any subject in this style, you will most likely be called a hussar jacket with attributes. However, not one uniform epaulets! There are such directions, as the officer's uniform, complete sets of camouflage colors and "hussar" things.


The most important thing in shirts and pants that padstyle — relaxed cut combined with the color khaki. Here comes the sweaters, different shoes with heavy soles and backpacks.

If you can not get away from feminine look, purchase a free dress "protective" colouring or a light white shirt that you can tuck in your pants.


This includes all things with shoulder straps. Very elegant look, long coat with straight edges, a high collar and metallic buttons, this style will elongate your figure, in addition, will force you to straighten your back and go face with your head held high.

Complement the image of cap and high leather boots.


The most popular subspecies of the military. Here are all kinds of uniforms with gold epaulets, epaulets or simply embroidered with gold or silver threads. This image will only fit a very brave girl — not everyone will dare at such experiment.

Милитари−2019: стоит ли носить - Стиль жизни -

For office it is possible to find a less catchy military-komplekte:

Is it possible to use elements of the military in everyday images

Do not think that the military is suitable only for going to a nightclub, a basic wardrobe ready to move and give additional detail. Strict blouse, straight skirt with metallic elements — office option military style.

If you have in the closet has long been hanging simple leather jacket that can be worn, but she's tired of just sew shoulder straps to it — will see how it "sparkle."

Most importantly, we don't have to dress in form, the essence is not in it. Use either the jacket or camouflage pants, but in any case not to combine these styles together.


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