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Proper care of the bra - lifestyle -

Underwear requires careful treatment than is neglected by many women. will tell you how to keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible

Maria Блавацкая13 March 2019 11:5634820

Правильный уход за бюстгальтером - Стиль жизни -

the bra requires a special whodata:

One of the main items of underwear — a very sensitive fellow. It can not be erased, and even stored along with the rest of the clothes. Many women neglect these rules, so the bra serves them less than they could.

We'll show you how to properly care and store bra, to lifetime you are pleasantly surprised.

Правильный уход за бюстгальтером - Стиль жизни -

in any case, do not dry linen, batteriefach:


As we have said, to wash the bra with the rest of the things not recommended — only hands. Powder choose specially for delicate fabrics. If you wash a new bra, first try to put the powder on a small area of tissue to see whether streaks and bald spots from the powder. However, not everyone is ready to wash hands, in this case get a special net for washing or choose a delicate wash cycle of the machine. Before putting the Laundry in the machine, fasten all buckles to avoid damage, and set the temperature no higher than 40 degrees, or linen deformed. Most important is careful handling, though hand-washing, even in the car.

Another popular error: to dry clothes on the radiator. You know how thin and soft fabric sew clothes, and now imagine what negative effect will have a hot battery on such a fragile material. Select the apartment (preferably in the bathroom) area, and hang Laundry on the clothesline, away from the hot pipes.

The Ironing is also not the best option. Just spread the clothes on the rope so that it does not crumple, and let it dry completely.

Правильный уход за бюстгальтером - Стиль жизни -

darks need to be combined with dark Daidaihua:

How to store a bra

As with washing, keep the bra must be separately from clothing. Select underwear separate shelf or Cabinet.

When training camp trip, do not wrinkle and do not fold the cups into each other. So the bra has not lost the form, put into each Cup of a dense ball of paper, only in this case strain your bra is not threatened. Folding underwear in a suitcase, put it in a separate package.

So, the basic rules of storage and washing:

- Washable by hand or select a delicate cycle the machine without extraction.

- Wash dark underwear with dark, light with light, color color.

- Choose a washing powder without bleach.

- Wear dark bras under dark clothing, and similar bright, or contrasting linen will remain ugly pills.

- Cheap bra change every year. Option expensive will last longer.

Правильный уход за бюстгальтером - Стиль жизни -

underwear sewn from delicate, Donatto:

What to do:

- You cannot wear bras without washing for more than 2 days. From the constant load, the fabric loses elasticity.

- If you long to soak clothes, it will gradually fade, and the metal parts may rust. White linen may be a little yellow.

Dark things bright bra may be slightly colored, if you wet outerwear, and pellets to pull out is quite tedious.

- Do not wring or twist linen, you can only DAB dry with a towel.


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