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How to wear knitted things the right way - lifestyle -

If you are not afraid to attract attention and admiration, you should definitely buy a couple patterned dresses, and tell me how to do it correctly

Maria Блавацкая13 March 2019 13:5755950

Как носить вязаные вещи правильно - Стиль жизни -

how to wear knitted visitto:

Among urban fashionistas there is an opinion that knitted thing necessarily cheap, and combined with other things it is not quite easy. I agree, it happens sometimes, however, a knitted thing can become part of your style, it is important to know how to choose and wear similar clothes.

Thanks to smooth lines and soft, knit tank top or shirt gives the owner more comfort than any synthetic or cotton thing. The associated element of the wardrobe can "walk" at the evening events, in the office or just to visit. Usually things connected manually to have more originality than production, because the wizard puts into the creation of each thing's heart and soul.

Как носить вязаные вещи правильно - Стиль жизни -

the mass market will offer you basic knitted visitto:

What to choose: manual script or machine?

Here you need to focus solely on your own taste and feelings, because the large visual difference between the thing from the store and an associated craftsman virtually no. Each method is good in its own way. However, things from materials such as cotton, Angora, wool and cashmere, looks far more expensive and better. Of course, you can make a choice in favor of synthetics, but keep in mind that the quality will leave much to be desired, and your way using clothing from low-grade material should be related to the case, for example, a themed party. In other situations, the natural fabrics to help you.

In the boutique you can offer knitted thing mass produced in pastel colours with a classic pattern that can be applied to your basic wardrobe, special delights not wait. However, you can beat a boring thing, adding originality and your own style. Combining these things with accessories and interesting details, you can create an unusual set that will not leave you without attention of others.

Addition or base?

From knitted things, there is one danger — they can either give you charm and originality, or to turn into a typical resident of the province. Be careful!

Как носить вязаные вещи правильно - Стиль жизни -

even such a hard material it is possible to mix different fabrics and accesswrite:

The main rule in respect of knitted things

Be prepared for the fact that you will not go unnoticed: knitted item of clothing will attract attention. If you are a supporter of the original, you should look into custom tailoring, now there are many online platforms where you can find a master seamstress for every taste and budget. However, do not overdo it with such pretentious things, all should be the measure, otherwise others will quickly become boring to your image.

Remember that at one time yourself, you can only wear one knitted thing, no need to wrap myself in a knitted stole, which covers knitted skirt and shoulder and even a knitted bag. This is too much! First, you immediately will call the "Queen of bad taste", and secondly, like the monotony of just tires. Knitted thing does not hold shape, and thus, your silhouette will be vague, that does not paint any woman. So follow the rule: less is better.

Despite the softness of the lines, with knitting you can adjust the figure. The emphasis in this case is not on the density and texture of fabric and different accents. The thinner the fabric, the more it you is slimming and elongates. Things with volume patterns, on the contrary, will give you more unnecessary volume.

Как носить вязаные вещи правильно - Стиль жизни -

lovers of originality is to make an individual order at shweifat:

Most importantly, hide problem areas and emphasize dignity: knitted Bolero will focus on the chest, tippet on their shoulders, the tunic on the hips and a longline cardigan to hide the extra volume.

Avoid bodycon dresses, if your figure is far from perfect: the insidious fabric will highlight all the unwanted. Better look at the dresses boxy, because they will fit almost any figure.

Claim your character

With the help of extraordinary things you will not be difficult to declare their interesting nature. You will be surprised, but even to an evening party, you can afford to use a knitted item.

Stylish girls who love the active attention of others, you can look at to knitted things in the ethnic style, which will perfectly reflect your personality.


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