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How to hide figure flaws with clothing - lifestyle - offers interesting images that suit different type of girls

Ksenia Парфенова21 March 2019 13:2121430

Как скрыть недостатки фигуры с помощью одежды - Стиль жизни -

each figure its dostoinstvami:

Even the reference to "the hourglass" you have to spend time on clothing — not every dress will fit a narrow waist, usually clothes sew on a standard figure. What can we say about those who are not satisfied with too wide hips or small Breasts. No time to get upset! To any type of shape you can pick up a form-flattering clothes.

Wide hips

Owners feminine rounded hips, it would seem, nothing to be ashamed of. However, not all girls find the volume of advantage and not the disadvantage of the figure. Clothing we advise you to avoid bright colors, shiny fabrics and complex patterns — they visually enlarge the hips. Choose dark colors like black, deep blue, emerald. Pants and skirt at the Empire waist bring figure to the "hourglass" — outlined waistline will attract attention of the opposite sex. Also you will approach drawing in large vertical stripes of contrasting colors — it "will extend" the legs, making them slimmer.

Как скрыть недостатки фигуры с помощью одежды - Стиль жизни -

wide hips suitable inflated telephoto:

Narrow hips

Girls hip which is not as rounded as I would like, you can visually enlarge them. Give preference to dense tissues and complex drawings. Jeans with appliques on back pockets, fashionable in this season hanging chain adds volume to the buttocks. Use the "weapon" of Asian women — linen with foam inserts in the buttocks and they become rounder and bigger. Slim leather pleated skirt in combination with gensoukai or leather jacket will make an interesting image.

Big Breasts

If you are shy, you emphasize a big bust, a plunging neckline during an evening out. For a daily look, choose slim silhouettes with a undercut under the breast and V-neck. Avoid blouses with voluminous sleeves and large buttons — they visually add centimeters to the bust. Be careful in the selection of underwear — it must be underwire and wide straps — this underwear will support lush Breasts, lifting and highlighting her juicy cleavage.

Как скрыть недостатки фигуры с помощью одежды - Стиль жизни -

lush Breasts accentuate the V-neck, varesotto:

Small Breasts

Owners of small amounts of do not worry — now your choice of the many above help to achieve the desired effect. For example, you can choose lingerie with a push up and then wear it under evening dress, decorating the neckline of a major necklace or brooch. Unlike girls with a big breast size, you can wear lingerie with soft lace cups that will give the desired comfort. Images for each day, choose a blouse in soft, flowing fabrics like silk or satin with complex drawings, combine them with men's jackets cut — loose clothing will add the missing inches.

Wide waist

The figure of "rectangle" or "inverted triangle" can cause a lot of problems for the woman. In order to divert attention from the wide waist, choose dresses, shirts and blouses loose cut in combination with jeans or business pants. You also should not buy clothes with a complex cut of thick patterned fabrics give preference to simple silhouettes. Come to the aid of peplum — it visually narrows the waist, bringing shape to the desired "hourglass".

Как скрыть недостатки фигуры с помощью одежды - Стиль жизни -

for a wide waist, choose free croatto:

Short legs

Those whom nature has not given legs from the ears, there is no reason to be shy — it is enough to choose the right bottom of the image. Combine loose pants high waist worn with flowing fabric and not a thigh-form elongate the legs. Large vertical stripe will have the same effect. Choose trendy overpriced boots above the knee and discard the boot length to mid-calf.


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