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Accessories that enrage men - lifestyle -

Things that we like, not necessarily delight our silnyy half. will warn you of a failure on a date

Maria Блавацкая15 March 2019 12:56209036

Аксессуары, которые бесят мужчин - Стиль жизни -

their men, predpochteniyami:

Even if a guy admires your taste, it does not mean that it does not irritate things. Admit it, each was living in a situation where the guy refused to acknowledge one or another accessory on you. It was.

It is clear that such it is better to prevent than to look for ways to make peace. And the desire to please the partner is quite natural. So let's see which accessories to keep and what no regrets to throw away.

Аксессуары, которые бесят мужчин - Стиль жизни -

select a more feminine way, italicisation:


Recently, this original headdress is gaining popularity. If you are the admirers of this accessory, forget it at the camp out, especially at first. Believe me, men have this thing evokes associations with criminal gangs, or at best, the skiers.

Opaque glasses oversize

Men basically do not like when you hide your face, even if you think that in them you feel like the heroine of the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's." You can leave them in the case of a campaign to the cosmetician, to hide the traces of his intervention, but for going out they don't fit perfectly.

Tights with print (especially funny)

In the cold season, tights are relevant for any woman. However, many quickly bored monotone. In pursuit of originality women go for various experiments with color, pattern and number of crystals, however, men are almost always opposed to such "frills". He still does not appreciate the relevance of this trend — the question you better to discuss with a friend over a Cup of coffee, not with my man.

Аксессуары, которые бесят мужчин - Стиль жизни -

shock tights man easier, legoretta:

Baggy bag

Fashionista in a long coat with a bag-a bag in ethnic style, will definitely look important, however men see this accessory as an example of what a woman there was nothing there to choose. It is unlikely the next time he calls you to an expensive restaurant

Аксессуары, которые бесят мужчин - Стиль жизни -

bag hardly you ucreate:

Shoes with fur decoration

We are talking about fur shoes and not fur. Did you know that several fashion houses have released winter shoes, trimmed with fur? It happens sometimes. Men react to these things is ambiguous: often negative. Therefore, these bold options are only suitable for meetings with "their" — that is, with my friends.


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