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The world is behind you: the fashion evolution of the backpack - Style life -

Once we are officially allowed to wear sneakers with dresses, but before that they were seen as footwear athletes. Now a similar transformation is going through and one of the most convenient models of bags

Elena Ржевуская22 March 2019 13:4120070

Мир за спиной: модная эволюция рюкзака - Стиль жизни -


The trend in the sport-chic is already not the first year. Remember, when we officially allowed to wear sneakers with dresses, but before that they were seen as footwear athletes. Now a similar transformation is going through and the backpack is one of the most convenient models of bags. Let's watch which way he went and how it became fashionable.

Perhaps a little thing can boast of such a serious age, and in the case of a backpack it's official: in 1991, on the Similaun glacier in the Alps by two German hikers found a mummy of the Tyrolean people. All of his belongings, including a backpack frame of hazel, perfectly preserved under the ice. The researchers found that the owner of the belongings was killed around the year 3300 BC, so its a shoulder bag of today, more than five millennia. Scientists have even recreated this simple adaptation of several rails and a bag of skins — now it is exhibited in the natural history Museum of Dortmund.

On the men's shoulders this bag has been for a reason. Originally it was the strong floor was given to a socially active role — to be hunters, herdsmen or merchants. So that the possessions needed to carry with ease. This simple design proved to be very necessary and actively used in different Nations. In the Russian North used woven wallets with straps. In the middle lane — shoulder body for mushrooms and berries. Such packs are used in Siberia to this day. Medieval European basket hung over the back to work in the field. In Germany and France, hauling cargo in wooden barrels since the XVIII century. So not to say that some people first got the idea to carry things behind — their version invented everything.


Much later, in the era of active military conquest, a backpack was seen of Roman Legionnaires and knights Templar, and not much changed: the Templars, for example, he represented the same frame of wood with straps.

Around the same time native Americans showed far greater ingenuity: their bag was a Board which was attached to the back slung over his shoulder by the straps, and also on the forehead of a person throws soft leather strap. In the end the weight is evenly distributed and is allowed to carry extremely heavy loads, that was helpful and on the hunt, and during the hostilities.

With the development of industry wood and leather elements were replaced with steel and fabric.

Мир за спиной: модная эволюция рюкзака - Стиль жизни -


But for all time, with a soldier's shoulder, this accessory will not go away, and he became especially popular in the early nineteenth century. It was then a variety of versions of crossbody bags picked backpack. Unlike the usual backpack, it was loaded sideways. However, within a few years it became clear that such bags uncomfortable during trench fighting. I had to look for an alternative. Therefore, during the First world war in Europe began to spread industrial backpack brought by the Americans. It contained personal items, hygiene items, dishes, bedding, dry rations. The airmen were placed there even a parachute.

Sport, you are peace!

After the war, the convenience of this thing is appreciated by the athletes and tourists. The first men used in their campaigns is the military model. First, the design was basic — a simple rectangular bag and the cut is sewn to the bottom corners by a rope. The top is gathered sewn-in loop.

But progress does not stand still. So, in 1908, the Norwegian OLE Bergen invented heavy backpack. To this invention, it pushed the discomfort that he felt when carrying gear and game while hunting — the cargo was hit in the back, causing pain. Once OLE bent juniper branch inside the bag, forming a kind of frame. It was patented in 1909. The Bergans company quickly became a leading manufacturer of backpack bags.

However, after twenty-five years the patent ended, and convenient backpacks scattered around the world, and the new inventors continued to change and improve. The way to further evolution has opened a new materials and technologies. So, use the first zipper was invented by the American veteran Gerald Cunningham in 1938. Convenient clasp allowed to change the form of a backpack, it is more efficient to redistribute the weight.

The author of a lap belt, carrying part of the load on the hips, became in 1951 the hiker dick Kelty. The idea came when he accidentally put the legs of the frame in the rear pockets of the trousers and realized how it's easier to carry. Equipment for tourism, he acquired in the shops of the old military equipment. There since the Second world war there were many parachute fabric — nylon, which is quick American immediately replaced the uncomfortable tarpaulin. In 1952, Kelty has created a company to manufacture equipment. With the backpacks from this company in 1963, the conquered Everest team of climbers Norman Dyrenfurth and Jim Whittaker.

But not sports a single lived backpacks. City their version became widespread in the seventies. Among young people, the fashion for light colorful casual crossbody bag. Then the trend was picked up by the students. First they went to lessons with portfolios, and then they forced the model of a synthetic fabric with comfortable clasps.

Мир за спиной: модная эволюция рюкзака - Стиль жизни -


Native land

In our country the first bags began to produce in the thirties. It was a shapeless rounded the bags, popularly known as bunnies. Clumsy and awkward, however, they proved to be extremely tenacious and even still left in the course of some truckers.

In place of the bun came backpack Abalakova created for the sport of Hiking and climbing, it is named after its inventor, a famous Soviet climber Vitaly Abalakova. Vitaly Mikhailovich worked as a designer of the Moscow Institute of VISTI and first made the ascent to Communism peak. "Abalak" was good, but had drawbacks: does not contain a sufficient amount of things, get wet from the rain and the cold became "wooden". Climbers personally had to modify the shortcomings.

Fortunately, Soviet tourists were big dreamers and time deficit modernized bags from the material at hand, the campaign could even find a backpack with a frame assembled from aluminum tubes the old clamshell.

Fashion wave

The hype around this one thing in the fashion world first happened in 1984 when aspiring designer Miuccia Prada introduced black nylon interpretation with a brilliant logo. It was the first attempt to rethink the fate of this accessory, which became soon a symbol of freedom from conventions. The backpack was the indispensable companion of generations of "Nirvana", which deliberately went against fashion trends. Carelessly combining it with black leather jackets and ripped jeans, the youth of the late eighties and early nineties made it part of their subculture.

Мир за спиной: модная эволюция рюкзака - Стиль жизни -


In the past he would have stayed, but the designers remembered comfortable bag a few seasons ago. The backpacks were presented in many runway collections. Louis Vuitton has offered to wear them with a simple coat and leather trousers, Anya Hindmarch — c warm sweater, a Fendi skirt and a fur jacket, Moschino and even was able to adapt them to the little black dress in the spirit of Coco Chanel. Army designers threw all their forces to revive the reputation of the accessory straps and turn it into an elegant piece of clothing. Using prints, stripes and sequins, they made the girls fall in love with backpacks and start to wear them with absolutely any clothing.

What materials are not going to move: denim, suede, corduroy and even crocodile skin. Thus, the model of a round shape. ideal for the casual and geometric print will add some spice to a plain clothing. And will fit in a lot more things: makeup, a smartphone and even sneakers for going to the gym. That is why they are replacing the usual bags, properly distributing the load on your back and keep your hands free.

The backpack has long been a form of expression of self. With the help of drawings, of course. This season they put flashy slogans, funny emoticons, optical illusions and, of course, the flowers, the actual spring.

To summarize, note that if you do not yet have a stylish city backpack, then now is the time to get them, because modern life at high speeds brings comfort and functionality to the fore. We add to them, interesting design, high quality and practicality — and get something that will last you many years. And judging by the recent shows and the images of the girls — icons of fashion, it becomes clear that this trend is we are not going anywhere for a very long time.


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