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Anika Kerimov: "the trend will be cell and strict black dress" - a Style of life

A famous designer said that will wear next season and about working with stars, their collections and attempt to set a world record

Lyudmila Савкина18 Mar 2019 18:4623240

Аника Керимова: «В тренде будут клетка и строгие черные платья» - Стиль жизни -

Anika, Crimewatch: materials of press-services

This spring in Spain designers and models from around the world gather to set an unusual record, which claims to be its rightful place in the Guinness Book. On 6 April in Madrid will host World Vision Fashion Show, which will bring together representatives of the fashion industry from around the world. It is planned that in this day, on the runway we will see a record number of models that will represent a collection of a record number of designers. Currently, the fashion show with the greatest number of models (366) was established in Singapore on 21 January 2018.

Russia in this great event will also be represented. To Spain with his capsule collection goes a well-known designer Anika Kerimov, who is well-known in secular circles. Her outfits on the red carpet Shine singer Jasmine and Albina dzhanabaeva, TV presenter Evelina Bledans, Alika Smekhova actress Anastasia Makeeva, model, star's Instagram of Alena Shishkova, her costumes appeared in the movie "the edge" the beautiful Svetlana Khodchenkova.

- Anika, are you excited about the upcoming trip? Still, World Vision Fashion Show — a global event...

- Of course, a little nervous, but at the same time glad I have the opportunity to represent our country on the world-class event. It really is a great show that will be held non-stop in 24 hours. On the runway we will see a huge number of models, and every designer will show his collection. I'm on the World Vision Fashion Show will present a capsule collection of 20 looks. I hope these images will appeal to a Western audience.

Аника Керимова: «В тренде будут клетка и строгие черные платья» - Стиль жизни -

Anika prefers Kerimov, classiclotto: materials of press-services

- How do you usually get your ideas for your new collection?

I have always drawn inspiration from my favorite classes — modeling clothes. Even while studying at University, then working at the firm, I haven't stopped designing. Now for me the main thing — peace and harmony in the family. When everything is in order at home, you can fully go to work. I am inspired by beautiful, well-groomed women and their love for my brand. I see the advantages and disadvantages of each, and my task is to allocate the first and neutralize the second. I love it when people leave in a good mood.

- How would you describe your own style?

- Discreet, feminine, sexy, classic. I have always aspired to individuality and always wanted to look beautiful. It was from my childhood. In my opinion, fashion does not always have to follow blindly: it is necessary to watch that the person is suitable and what is not. To develop your own style easy — to hone the taste helps monitoring the work of those who is a recognized feet fashion: famous designers or celebrities whose manner of dress is never in doubt. Such persons are often called "style icons". And still need to listen to yourself, your inner voice and your desires. And, of course, to have an accurate view of its strengths and weaknesses — this will help not to be mistaken with a choice of image.

Аника Керимова: «В тренде будут клетка и строгие черные платья» - Стиль жизни -

"I look forward to the taste of people who are trying to pick up things so that the person was comfortable to walk, sit comfortably, comfortably to go to work, look stylish and beautiful"Photo: materials of press-services

Impressions which designers inspire you?

Is, of course, the classics of the fashion House Dior and Chanel. In their collections there is always something I like in women's clothing most — elegance, refinement and femininity.

- You can predict what will be possible in a year or two?

- I think classic just will not go out of fashion. (Smiles.) The trend will definitely be cage, "a goose pad" and, of course, the classic models of suits and somber black dresses. The same little black dress, which was invented at the time, unsurpassed Coco Chanel. Imagine this dress will soon be 100 years old. Almost a century it is not out of fashion. The secret of its success? I think in versatility: because it can be worn in the office, on a business meeting, on a date, and even at the reception, adding the appropriate accessories. A modern version of the dress much different from the classic possible a shorter hemline, different types of collars, the use of lace, ruffles and other decorative elements. Little black dress is in the collections of most fashion designers.

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Publication by Dior Official (@dior)3 Mar 2019 12:18 PST

- Please tell me what is the process of creating a collection from idea to exhibition?

- First I make sketches, then pick the fabric, and my team makes the pattern. All of this is in cutting and tailoring. Oh, and then work team of PR specialists and advertisers. All things are correctly matched to each other, the pattern fits perfectly as a size 42 and 58. I love women to do pretty comfortably in my stuff, it was nice to wear them because the clothes are sewn exclusively from high-quality fabrics. I care about all the things women feel the most attractive — as a rule, I have always dresses Empire waist, if girls have any figure flaws: a little tummy or hips, cut all this makes invisible. I look forward to the taste of people who are trying to pick up things so that the person was comfortable to walk, sit comfortably, comfortably to go to work, look stylish and beautiful.

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Publication by CHANEL (@chanelofficial)on 8 Jan 2015 12:33 PDT

- What things from your own collection that you are proud of and which model is considered not very good?

- I am most proud of overalls. But I absolutely do not understand anything in sports, if approached him with the standard point of view. If I sew sports, it turns out glamorous. (Laughs.) I honestly don't know — lack or dignity... In my opinion, a bit of glamour to any woman will not hurt, even the advanced athlete.

- What are three things you are proud of in your own wardrobe?

Jumpsuit, playsuit and more time jumpsuit. In my collection there are over 15 types, at any size, taste and color. All of them are created from ordinary cotton fabrics and silks of expensive quality.

- What does success in the career of a designer, in your opinion?

- I think the criterion is always the same when your clothes are in demand by buyers.


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