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Errors in style that make you a simpleton - lifestyle -

To look "a million", do not need huge investments, just follow the fashion rules, which will explain

Maria Блавацкая22 March 2019 15:53131740

Ошибки в стиле, которые делают вас простушкой - Стиль жизни -

dress, pravilata:

You don't have to run in a pricey boutique and buy a thing with the steep price tag. Budget clothing can emphasize your strengths and convince others you have a sense of style as well as a very expensive thing does not guarantee the admiration of others. The biggest enemy of any woman is negligence. Even the most beautiful dress may look on you as a simple rag if you're not careful.

The inability to combine bright colors

This is especially true for girls who can't live without shopping. As each season offers us new collection, it is simply impossible to manage to wear so many ladies try to wear everything at once, and the worst is not it, but that color can absolutely not be combined with each other. Remember, your image should be only one bright accent. This applies to both makeup and clothes.

Ошибки в стиле, которые делают вас простушкой - Стиль жизни -

"all at once" is not appropriate to create a stylish, obrazovati:

Dirty and ragged shoes

Indications of this Shoe, not even the trash in the stairwell to throw out:

- dirt on the Shoe;

- septanest;

- no taps;

- the torn-off sole;

- traces on the inner side of the Shoe;

- shabby details.

Shoes are always more important than clothes and other accessories, you will be met and evaluate it from what you shod.

Ошибки в стиле, которые делают вас простушкой - Стиль жизни -

bag does not have to be derogato:

Torn fishnets

If you are not a party night peep show, throw away holey tights. They must be no damage, additionally, the tights wrong size will kill your image. The same goes for stockings. You have no idea how terrible folds under and over knees! Throw it out immediately!

Cheap bag

The most important accessory. We know how high-quality bag can hit your salary, but that is no reason to buy food in the market. Budget handbag can also emphasize your style. Just need to learn how to choose it: there should be no crooked seams, loose threads, cheap rivets, stripped of handles. As you can see, it's simple.

Ошибки в стиле, которые делают вас простушкой - Стиль жизни -

shoes - your business, cartoceto:

Baby clothes

Do not give others the occasion to discuss, where were you last night that you were so crushed. You have iron, and you need to learn how to use it. Even after a single release of the thing hesitates, and it's okay to iron the creases is not that difficult.

These simple rules will ensure you the attention of others, naturally, positive.


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