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Trends that don't understand parents - lifestyle -

The conflict of fathers and children moving into the fashion mainstream. If a teenager came home in tights and jackets, it's all right — it "style". tell what else you can get ready

Maria Блавацкая20 Mar 2019 09:0430621

Тренды, которые не понимают родители - Стиль жизни -

parents are often shocked by the selection of Decapoda:

Oh, these charges when the mother is breast-output and his whole appearance makes it clear: "either you go change or stay home." Point.

Parents sometimes find it difficult to understand how a child (Oh, the horror!) such a strange taste in clothes, how could he even wear. We had six trending things of today's youth, whose parents had a heartbeat.

Тренды, которые не понимают родители - Стиль жизни -

better to experiment at a young vozrastaet:

Transparent things

No, it's not about translucent dresses and backpacks of soft colorless plastic. Still complete with rain cover. For young people, these accessories are a chance to draw attention to themselves, stand out from the General mass of people.

You have probably seen the guys with the "acid" transparent backpacks, where you can see all the property of the owner. So, the parents absolutely do not understand how this "walk" on people. To mother less worried, buy a backpack or a raincoat in quiet tones not to upset the parents.

By the way, the issue of transparency can be solved with plug-in bag.

Enchanting hairstyles and not only

It's not just about hair, but about painting in incredible colors. On the streets of big cities in huge numbers walking around the young people with "rainbow" on the head. In adolescence such experiments with appearance is forgivable, but after 25 such outrageous is the condescension of others.

However, not always these experiments are ready teacher. Before you decide to buy purple paint, make sure that the teaching staff is not opposed to such bold decisions, why do you have problems in school? If you wish to stand, various cosmetic brands offer paint, "one-time" or special color sprays, but they spoil the clothes in contact with it and may stain the scalp.

Тренды, которые не понимают родители - Стиль жизни -

sneakers, too, like not samfoto:

Shoes not for sport

Mom just walked away from the combination of "dress-shoes", and they are offered to deal with the new generation sneaker, the so-called ugly boots.

Interestingly, these shoes are not only popular among adolescents and young people, but also a similar style prefer people are quite Mature.

Parents have to accept — trend hardy and will live for at least a season.

Too free stuff

Another long-running trend, and ugly sneakers. However, in the case superobesity things that are important to consider your own complexion: too full of people who came out of adolescence, bulky items are not recommended as you will look at least strange.

Some psychologists came to the conclusion that the clothing is several sizes larger is psychological protection for insecure people, which is typical for young people.

However, nobody canceled the fact that a great hoodie can be beat accessories and create a unique style.

Тренды, которые не понимают родители - Стиль жизни -

let your teen chooses that nausithoe:

Cropped trousers

It would seem, cropped pants — not a novelty. However, young people will not part with them even in freezing temperatures. Long-hackneyed "podvoroty" now we don't produce that sensation, when such people are photographed in public transport as outlandish representatives of megapolis.

Young people rarely think about the health and wear short pants without any socks or tights. It can be especially dangerous for girls, so be careful — fashion fashion, and health is more important.

Hello, 90s!

The flea market will never die. Where else can you buy vintage pieces at a bargain price? Of course, only there. And fashion, you know, are cyclical.

There is a slight dissonance: parents can resent all that is new, but at the same time condemn too "old school" things, just don't understand why their child suddenly indulges in all serious fashion.


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