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Shoes for office: best solutions - lifestyle -

Of shoes is never too much, especially when it comes to everyday options, where comfort prevails over beauty. However tell how to combine elegance and convenience

Maria Блавацкая25 March 2019 15:1826930

Обувь для офиса: лучшие решения - Стиль жизни -

choose is not too high, caluclate:

Any self-respecting girl should be at least a few pairs of shoes for different occasions, the same shoes can categorically not be suitable for output to different events. Today we talk about shoes, which often "vygulivala" — namely, about the business.

The basic rule is your comfort. In the shoes or boots you spend the most time in the office, so it is impossible to prevent any discomfort. And if you have to run around to different assignments, then the question is solved by itself.

Обувь для офиса: лучшие решения - Стиль жизни -

hardly pretentious stiletto heel will bring a lot of comfort at work, masteloto:

A few rules on the selection:

1. Pay attention to the length of the heels. It is desirable to do without them, but if you can't, buy a pair of low heel — about 5-7 cm In this case, you will not lose your style, but also inconvenience experience will not exactly.

2. Material. Ideal — shoes. A big plus is that they do not change shape with time as can happen with cheaper materials. Leather adapts to the shape of your foot, and so there is no rubbing.

Create the perfect image

It is important to consider the color and style of shoes when choosing the outfit. In any case, do not allow "traffic lights" in the image, you don't want to seem gaudy lady? Therefore colors should not be garish, especially when it comes to business. Perfectly combined, for example, a dark monochrome dress and relaxed shoes the same color or slightly darker.

However, this does not mean that flowers can not play: milk shoes can be combined with almost any pastel shades in clothes. Remember that bright clothing is always focusing on shoes.

Shoes with straps are also of questionable attachment. First, you can RUB the foot, and secondly, the ankle strap visually make the leg shorter.

Narrow, pointy shoes is already 20 years out of fashion, and themselves they are uncomfortable: squeeze your fingers and can lead to inflammation of the bones of the big toe.

Обувь для офиса: лучшие решения - Стиль жизни -

ballet flats make you do squat and ugly sitting on nogatco:

What to choose, you ask?


The first thing you need to purchase if you haven't already — the shoes. This is truly a versatile couple! You can without fear for the health of the feet wearing them in the office and can wear for a social gathering.

Shoes with small heels

If the pin is less than 10 cm — all normally. Not even going to say what the effect on men these shoes, you better check yourself.

Обувь для офиса: лучшие решения - Стиль жизни -

creative types can be prismotretsa to the original models in the framework of razumnogo:


Modern girl is unforgivable to miss such a model. Designers are not standing still and constantly trying to surprise us, that in the case of loafers, you can wear them to the office, not just a meeting with friends in cafes.

Shoes, emphasizing your individuality

If you're a creative person and can't live without accents in the clothes, well, can't you disable. Your choice — colored heels, entertaining decor, and other intricate things, but it is important to know when to stop: after all, the office requires adherence to a specific dress code.


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