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Error shopping in the big city - lifestyle -

You are one of those people who can get past the flashy sign that says "Sale"? Then is you

Maria Блавацкая28 March 2019 17:1218980

Ошибки шопинга в большом городе - Стиль жизни -

you don't buy what you oinofita:

We often don't think about what thing to buy and whether it is necessary to us. Just grab a dress with the hanger and run to the checkout. What, after the discount! In the end, you are only in it to climb, but I understand that it is, in General, you didn't need. I do not talk how much money do you get with this approach to shopping.

We have prepared for you several tips that will help create the perfect look and not too heavy on the wallet.

Ошибки шопинга в большом городе - Стиль жизни -

boutiques hung the new collection is already in the ready komplektavimo:

No merchandisers!

Remember, what you see in the store at the entrance? As a rule, it is:

Screaming "buy me!" bright things.

Inscriptions such as "discount/sale".

Sequins, rhinestones, sequins.

The most popular thing.

In General, anything that you could see somewhere else and exactly what will attract you to the store as soon as you look at the window.

The essence of this cunning move is to force your mind to think what this thing is needed right now. That is, spontaneous purchase. Usually this technique works well for emotionally unstable people, most often teenagers.

And you eye not had time to blink, as you stand at home in front of a mirror in a shiny new shirt that does not fit one your way. But it's too late, can only return it if you haven't thrown away the receipt, however, according to statistics, very few people go back to return the thing.

In order not to fall into this trap, make a list of what you need. And the list should be as detailed as possible.

Ошибки шопинга в большом городе - Стиль жизни -

you are forced to take what you might see on the popular gudahtt:


It is in our psyche that we want it all and preferably cheaper. But it does not happen, but because marketers are enlarged to full, shaking out of our pockets the last, because they too need to eat.

For example, one of the most famous stores we see how the marketers are: all the things from the new collections already hung sets, sweaters and blouses from old collection as closely as possible hung on hangers in order to you as quickly as possible took them off out of fear that tomorrow they will be gone.

Thing must be a

You loved the skirt, but, unfortunately, was the last size and the torn button. And now you start to think, will you be able to sew it.

The whole point is that you won't as tired after going to the store, and when you get a chance to wear the thing, you won't have time to fix the defect.

Ошибки шопинга в большом городе - Стиль жизни -

buy, onlinephoto:

Important correct fitting

Let's say you took the dress into the fitting room, closed, put, you liked it, and you carry it to the cashier. No need to do so!

In the changing rooms is almost always light distorts the color of the clothes, this is done intentionally so you didn't think about buying.

In addition, the mirror in the dressing room can distort the figure, making you a little less than you really are.

So try to take along a friend or relative to hear a second opinion.

Buy online

Perfect for introverts: you don't have to explain to the consultant, to go into the fitting room, ask to bring a different size. Everything is on your screen.

The goal of any consultant is all hook and crook to make you buy thing. They use psychological techniques to assure you that other such thing you will not find anywhere else, and to part with a thing harder if you held it in your hands.

On the Internet you can think of as long as need be, and make a decision regardless of strangers. However, you need to be careful when determining the size: European sizes often do not match with the real, if you order a package, for example, from China.


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