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Hats for spring: trends 2019 - lifestyle -

Buy the right hat is as difficult as to find "your" pair of shoes, but flour of choice will pass you

Maria Блавацкая27 March 2019 16:33573927

Головные уборы на весну: тренды 2019 - Стиль жизни -

what are we going to wear this fresnoite:

Let on the street is warmer, however, this is not a reason to abandon a headdress which, by the way, not only will perfectly complement your image, but will save from hypothermia in windy weather.


Let go of the idea that this element of the wardrobe is suitable only for autumn. Spring is the time to "walk" it. With the help of the beret, you can create sleek style in the English style. Especially in demand lately are berets with a pretty ponytail, as a representative of a typical creative profession.

Who is ideal:

Girls with rectangular face shape or facial features

Головные уборы на весну: тренды 2019 - Стиль жизни -

cap-"sock" fits almost, samfoto:


As many believe, Bini — the option that will suit any girl. This style is also called "sock". Despite its versatility, you need to be careful with color. If you take a dark model, it will make your look gloomy, especially now that the most relevant colors for this style — bright, even flashy.

Big plus — this hat can be combined at least with a coat, even with the jacket.

Who is ideal:

Girls with a chubby face.

Girls with pronounced cheeks.

Головные уборы на весну: тренды 2019 - Стиль жизни -

black hat is the perfect solution to this, Visnupada:


Refers to the military style that is in trend this season. Let this model is radically different from the previous one, it can be combined with almost any kit, even with a dress.

Bright hat will be a great addition to cream-colored cloak, which is also at the peak of popularity this spring. As we have said, a dark color is better to postpone until winter.

Who is ideal:

If the cap is not yours, look at the cap.

Girls with small facial features.

Головные уборы на весну: тренды 2019 - Стиль жизни -

remember that the headpiece needs to accentuate or hide features, licavoli:


A rare model of a headdress in our wardrobe. But you're missing out! No wonder the pot has become so common in cold England, where the girls have to think not only about beauty, but about health due to the damp climate. In our latitudes the situation is not much different from the British, and therefore will follow the example of English fashionistas and look an elegant piece for the next few months.

Who is ideal:

Girls with round face.

Girls with strong facial features.


The idea is that the hat can be worn any time of the year, the only difference is in styles and materials. The main rule when choosing any hat — not to allow it to merge with the rest of the outfit. No, no need to take acid-red: the shade should be rich, but not flashy. Will look great deep Burgundy or blue in combination with light or even black coat.

Who is ideal:

Full of girls.

If you have heavy lower part of the face.


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