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Elizabeth Schweiger: "Russian women are willing to experiment" - lifestyle -

Well-known designer, which for many years stands at the head of the Fashion house Laurèl, gave an exclusive interview

Olga Сапрыкина1 April 2019 16:2923901

Элизабет Швайгер: «Русские женщины готовы к экспериментам» - Стиль жизни -

Elizabeth Sugarfoot: materials of press-services

During our interview, Elizabeth Schweiger, as expected from the designer, dressed all in black. Look at this, on the one hand, rather casually, on the other — is incredibly stylish. "Elegant simplicity" — under this motto Laurèl has been around for over forty years (founded in 1978). Elizabeth, who works with the brand since 1996, it is clearly this motto.

Elizabeth, you're headed Laurèl many years. It's a difficult task: two times a year — like it or not, to make a new collection. How is the pressure that constantly need to think of something?

— If to speak about me, I am by nature a creative person. Because every day I look for something inspiration. And I get it every day. Every day I want something new. And perhaps if I wasn't living, to me it really would be pressed and it would be hard enough to come up with a collection. But if tomorrow I say that we have to make 12 different themes collections 12 different lines, I would it could do. Because I have a constant craving for creative, for something new, the urge to communicate with the outside world. Besides, with me is my team of designers that are all different. I have two designers, senior assistants in design, they are 50 years old. But there are also young designers, who for 25, 27, 28, and they carry their own ideas. We often sit down and start discussing. "Oh, I was at this show, found there such an idea!" Or: "I saw the film"... Is an ongoing process, without which I can not imagine my life without this communication, their ideas, and notions. And together with the team inside I feel the inspiration.

— You travel a lot. Do inspiration in your travels?

Maybe that trip make up the bulk of my inspiration. For example, I arrived in Moscow, walked the streets, went to a concept store, visited some shopping malls and already found something new that I'm starting to inspire. Just to see new places, to see another country — always the inspiration for me.

Элизабет Швайгер: «Русские женщины готовы к экспериментам» - Стиль жизни -

"Moscow has changed a lot in recent years. Fashion changes on the streets,"Photo: materials of press-services

— Last time you were in Moscow six years ago when he came here with his new collection. Over the years we have changed a lot?

— Yes, very much. First of all, I would like to note how fashion changes on the streets. Basically what I said: people have changed in their manner of dress. Many are now very fashionable and stylishly dressed people. A lot of people who are dressed comfortably — those who prefer the so-called style sport-chic. I also saw those women who shopped. It was very interesting. For example, I noticed the lady that was a little over sixty, but she chose from Dries VanNoten very interesting sweatshirt with embroidery and an asymmetric cut. I have thought what to wear, perhaps it's even a bit for his age... But I saw that Russian women are open to fashion, bold enough. I don't know, did that woman at the end sweatshirt. But I realized that Russian women are willing to experiment, willing to try new things and not afraid. They are not clamped now as a few years ago. People are more democratic, more open, more sporty, more dynamic. This is the main.

Your spring / summer collection is very bright and cheerful. That from this collection you favorites and what, in your opinion, is a must-have?

— Probably the most hit — dress with colored stripes that can be worn separately as a dress buttoned, and as a summer coat together with pants. Pants under it I suggest wide enough. It is now my favorite combination of long dress and trousers. If we are talking about dress striped button-down, I think it's suitable for any occasions. You can travel and be on vacation, and go somewhere to party in the city. I also like for a special release, for some special case, a set of lemon-colored. It has a pleated skirt with an uneven asymmetrical hem is now a real trend. And decorate this skirt can be feminine top. Something with ruffles or some interesting elements that give volume.

Элизабет Швайгер: «Русские женщины готовы к экспериментам» - Стиль жизни -

The collection turned out bright and jizneradostnosti: materials of press-services

— When you develop your new collection, like share something: this thing will definitely appreciate the Russians, and this will appeal to, for example, the Italians?

— Today, the world was almost identical. Of course, I think about my clients, I know for whom I make a particular your collection. But for the most part now these collections are made so that they are designed for a woman that is universal. Because in Russia and in other countries, the style of plus or minus is the same. Yes, before the Russian women loved is probably a bit brighter style, more attention is drawn. But now everything is more relaxed, modern, monitor trends. If we are talking about different spheres of women's work in different countries, we can say that now even in business women do not have to strictly adhere to the dress code, one is not required to costume in the office. So if today is a business woman comes to work in slacks, an interesting but neat, with good design feminine blouse, no one will ask her: where did you leave your jacket? And probably this applies to Russian women. I don't know, but suspect so.

The only thing I do only for the Russian market, this is a beautiful pencil skirt. Because, for example, in Germany, women prefer long, more athletic cut skirts, and loose, made of cotton — so it was convenient to be in a skirt all day. Maybe a pencil skirt more interesting for Italian and Spanish market, because there are women also love the model of this style. But mostly I come up with pants of different styles, this is now the trend worldwide and European.

Элизабет Швайгер: «Русские женщины готовы к экспериментам» - Стиль жизни -

This dress can also be worn separately as a dress buttoned, and as summer photofoto: materials of press-services

— There are two points of view on the closet. Some advise to get rid of unnecessary things at least once in six months. Other they objected, saying, do not hurry, every thing needs to lie down, and in General the vintage is so trendy. You, as a designer, I advise: make space for new things from recent collections or store?

— If you look at the situation through the eyes of the manufacturer, of course, better if every six months the consumer changes her wardrobe. But my personal attitude to things very careful. Because I am as a designer and person who works in the premium segment, I believe that clothes are an investment. And if you spend some is not the smallest amount of thing, it must serve you longer than one season, you should be able in the future to combine it in new combinations. Laurèl does trendy collections that are intended for one season. Our stuff live at least two or three seasons. With a guarantee in the quality. And content. For example, the blazer, which can be combined in a single season with a short skirt-pencil, and the next season can be worn with long chiffon dress. And once again you will look fashionable. It is now the new trend is to stylize things, to be able to combine them, mix together. This is real art, to comprehend which, under the force of each!


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