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Trendy blouse−2019 - lifestyle -

What to choose: classic or unusual style? will conduct a tour of the world with the latest models of this season

Maria Блавацкая3 APR 2019 08:41104491

Трендовые блузки−2019 - Стиль жизни -

choose the actual model of this, Stoneface:

Properly chosen blouse allows you to create a stunning image even with the pants, even with skirts and jeans and sometimes shorts. This season the blouse is fighting for a place in the top along with dresses and jumpsuits, gaining more and more popularity. Designers offer us options unusual cut: with interesting sleeves, all kinds of cuts and prints.

Blouse strappy

Couturier authoritatively declare that blouse in the linen style is not going to leave the boutiques and at least for one season is going to linger in your closet. Choose a blouse with decor, for example, with bows and lace.

Preferred materials from silk and satin.

Трендовые блузки−2019 - Стиль жизни -

ties main strandfoto:

Blouse off the shoulder

They look pretty sensual, so this option suited more for a cocktail party or evening with friends or colleagues. The latest models off the shoulder made with frill trim and optional straps. They are especially good options for long sleeve, which gives you more charm.

Blouse one shoulder

Asymmetry in General will be the main trend of the season, so shirts with one sleeve — very useful. Permitted additions in the form of one of the straps that will look very feminine, if you're not going to cover it with jacket.

Трендовые блузки−2019 - Стиль жизни -

the slumped shoulders perfect for output kusamotu:

Blouses with ruffles

Trending styles this season can not do without a variety of frills, ruches, flounces, which may focus either on parts of things, or along the entire length. To give the impression, designers have tried over the intricate sleeves, the same asymmetry, cut-outs, ruffles Osipov.

Print of the season

Mainly spring-summer 2019 adheres to the classics: blouses, pinstriped in various colors, polka dots. Dilute the casual look can be predatory print, which has not yet managed to lose relevance, however, on the way to it. In addition, still holds positions for a small flower.

Трендовые блузки−2019 - Стиль жизни -

small flower still actualmente:

All sorts of strings and bows

Designers do not cost one decoration on the neck, creating a model with ties at the back and sleeves that looks fresh and unusual. Which is very convenient — don't have to do the bow ties, you can make a variant similar to the tie, which perfectly fit into the image of a business lady.

Blouses with stand-up collar

This option looks very cute and affordable by closing the chest area. And to wear such a blouse in the office or meeting friends. To give unusual this is, in fact, the classic version, the designers add fancy sleeves, various ruffles and lace.

Business blouses

Classic model never lost its relevance. The most trending style this spring is the classic white blouse with any kind of collar. Desirable natural material, as it looks much more expensive. To dilute the monotony, combine this blouse with a bright skirt below the knee or the original pants.


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