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Skinny pants: what to wear this season - lifestyle - will tell you all about one of the main trends this spring

Maria Блавацкая4 April 2019 16:59142280

Брюки-скинни: с чем носить в этом сезоне - Стиль жизни -

choose the perfect sinitta:

In recent years the model of "skinny" is gaining popularity. A definite plus of these pants — amazing compatibility with different kits. Skinny jeans are perfect for both daytime business and evening events. We give you a few ideas on how and what to wear with skinny pants to stay in trend.

What are the advantages of this model?

In the modern world is not so much beauty as practicality, however, skinny is responsible and the first and the second requirement. Buying these trousers, make no mistake — everyone will appreciate your figure because this model perfectly highlights the silhouette. From the pros:

- Emphasize the beauty of legs. Especially will like slender girls.

- As a rule, skinny sewn from stretchy materials, but also use natural. Possible materials such as knitwear, corduroy, cotton and denim. Therefore, in the pants of these materials are incredibly comfortable to stay even in hot weather.

Usually stylists will take skinny to the basic wardrobe, and your fantasy have no limits: you can mix styles and materials, creating their own original and unique image. You can pick up a lightweight tunic and you can wear the halter top, and in both cases, no one will accuse you of lack of taste.

If you choose the skinny pants of thick material such as denim, you will visually make your body slimmer and if you want to correct the small flaws in the hips.

Брюки-скинни: с чем носить в этом сезоне - Стиль жизни -

skinny fit for almost any vyhodite:

With what and how to wear skinny?

As we mentioned, this basic wardrobe item to help you create almost any image, but there are moments that will make your "look" more spectacular and unique.

Брюки-скинни: с чем носить в этом сезоне - Стиль жизни -

skinny jeans are beginning to take positiveto:

Purple pants

Fuchsia, lilac and all kinds of variations of purple at the peak of the season. Buy dark purple skinny jeans, and a bright silk top, so your legs will seem slimmer and the chest will expand slightly. Conversely, a dark blouse will make the bottom more volume. Of shoes it is better to prefer loafers, espadrilles and shoes in pastel colours.

White pants

Bright pants are perfect to bright the top. Despite the obvious advantages of white skinny in visual terms, this color is highly impractical. However, not all that scary, if you belong to this class of people — rather run to the store while your white skinny there are still available.

Брюки-скинни: с чем носить в этом сезоне - Стиль жизни -

beat set of original, berhampore:

Black pants

A universal solution that is suitable for creating any image, and for wearing in any weather and in almost any field. You can match it with a bright top or pastel blouse. For business girls, whose life for the most part takes place in the office, we recommend you to look elegant bodycon sweater or a silk blouse under a thin jacket.

In addition to color, pay attention to the material of which is sewn pants. This season stylists recommend to buy skinny materials of different density.

Leather skinny

The original option for girls who are sickened by the routine. Not necessarily "walk the" leather pants in the evening: they are also suitable for a Friday business lunch, provided that you pick the right top.

However, not everyone is able successfully to combine things, so quite often we see girls in a horribly vulgar way, and they do it not specially. The main rule when combined with the skin — no bright colors, choose a dark or monochrome or pastel colors.

Velvet skinny

This model is best choose for summer, when you can afford a light fabric tops and blouses. Silk tunics and knitted cardigans are also a good match with velvet.


Under pants of this material is necessary to choose the same top contrasting colors or cotton shirts in pastel colours that are not visually overwhelm the bleakness of the flowers.

Skinny jeans

A risky choice this season, given the drop in their popularity. However, the main advantage of denim is its practicality and versatility. However, this material can greatly simplify your image, so think about how you can beat a silhouette, for example, to add a feminine touch will help a stole or a jacket with full sleeves.


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