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Look stunning: simple rules for determining color type - lifestyle -

Pick a right color scheme transforms any woman

Ksenia Парфенова5 April 2019 12:5637390

Выглядим сногсшибательно: простые правила определения цветотипа - Стиль жизни -

the color type to determine legatto:

The formation of the image is not only working with the speech and manners, but also with the style of clothing, hair and makeup. Professionals based on the experience of intuitively determine what fits a particular girl. But what about those who cannot ask for help to a stylist? Tell readers simple rules determine the color type.

How to determine the color type

No need to have special tools and skills to determine the color type of appearance. Here are some simple lifehacks that can divide the appearance into two types — warm and cold:

  • View on Vienna. Note the location of the crook of the elbow — thin untanned leather, through which you can see the color of the veins. If the veins are blue you belong to the cold type, green to warm.
  • The ebb of hair. Go to the window or go outside. Grab a thick strand and lift it up towards the bright sun. Hair cast copper? You are a representative of warm type. Have a cold type hair will cast a silvery color. However, this lifehack is applicable only to women with untreated hair.
  • Tan. If your skin under the sun takes on a Golden or yellow tint — you belong to warm type. Tan women with a cold type usually brown — color intensity varies.
  • The color of the eyes. Warm type has translucent shades (grey, blue, light green and light brown), mixed colors and inclusions of Golden or brown color. Have a cold type eye color is dark, they are bright — surrounding always pay attention and make compliments to this color: walnut, dark green, blue, black.
  • Freckles. If your skin is prone to pigmentation, so you belong to warm type. Such girls with the onset of spring always are freckles, moles, more vivid.

Four color type appearance

The stylists adopted a General classification of the type, comparing them with the seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn. It is believed that the winter and summer — cool styles, spring and autumn — warm kinds of appearance. Each type of appearance correspond to certain characteristics of appearance, in accordance with which you need to pick up shades of clothing, accessories, cosmetics and color staining. Properly chosen gamma illuminates the skin, hides imperfections of the skin, whereas the wrong gamma makes the complexion unhealthy. Tell more about the four color types:


Representatives of this type of appearance usually attract the most attention because of the unusual appearance. They combine translucent porcelain or tanned with an olive tint the skin and hair of black or dark brown in color with a silver sheen. The eyes are usually emerald green, hazel, dark blue, or gray.

For you: jewelry made of platinum, white gold and silver. The clothing in black, green, blue, red, white, dark grey and dark brown. Choose pure colors with a cool undertone is when they try things, they have to transform you, not to extinguish the bright, high-contrast appearance.

Выглядим сногсшибательно: простые правила определения цветотипа - Стиль жизни -

winter type - contrast vneshnostyu:


Delicate soft appearance this difference is the spring type. Such girls are light skin with peach blush, freckles on the face. Hair from caramel and honey blonde to warm chestnut. Light green eyes, green-yellow, blue or light brown.

For you: Golden, pale blue, bright green, ochre, cream, beige, chocolate, peach, light orange. Ornaments, bronze, yellow gold.

Выглядим сногсшибательно: простые правила определения цветотипа - Стиль жизни -

spring style features, ninette:


It is a cold soft type of appearance. The skin in women, this type of light with an olive tint or pale pink with a cool undertone. Hair from platinum blonde to dark blonde with a silver sheen. Eyes light cold gray, gray-blue or gray-green, rarely hazel.

You: white, gray, purple, blue, brown, green and their shades with a cool undertone. Jewelry, made in platinum, silver or white gold.

Выглядим сногсшибательно: простые правила определения цветотипа - Стиль жизни -

summer style - contrastato:


Girls autumn have contrasting appearance that attracts attention. Among Russian women is the most rare type of appearance. Light skin with peach blush and freckles, green-yellow, yellow, green, blue and yellow-hazel eyes, sometimes with flecks of warm brown. Red or brown hair with copper and gold shimmer.

You: orange, warm red, orange, ochre, warm yellow, brown, beige, camel. Choose ornaments made of platinum, yellow gold.

Выглядим сногсшибательно: простые правила определения цветотипа - Стиль жизни -

girl with copper hair belong to the autumn typophoto:


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