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Minimalist style: the study hit of the season - lifestyle -

To stand out from the crowd, not necessarily to wear all the best in your wardrobe. talk about this trend this spring

Maria Блавацкая9 April 2019 13:1113440

Минималистичный стиль: изучаем хит сезона - Стиль жизни -

What is minimalism?Photo:

Do not think that the lack of violence in the colors and accessories makes you boring. Quite the opposite: soothing colors, a minimum of decoration and simple cut will set you apart from the crowd. We decided to look into this trend.

Minimalism in clothing originated around the mid 20-ies of the last century. The style was distinguished by a direct, simple silhouette and understated color. After all this time nothing has changed: the calm in the image is still at the peak of popularity, like almost a hundred years ago.

Минималистичный стиль: изучаем хит сезона - Стиль жизни -

the materials have to be only kachestvennye:


As we have said, the brightness — it's not about minimalism, therefore, creating a unique image, pay attention to things the following colors: black, white and gray. And no, they're not boring. You may want to combine them, and you can choose another color to shade in your image was one or at least do without sharp contrasts.


Because in a minimalist style undesirable large quantity of ornaments, the whole emphasis is on fabrics and their quality. Preferred expensive materials with a perfect seam where there are no loose threads and buttons falling off. Clothing should be well processed and filed. Yes, despite the simplicity, this style requires quite a serious investment.

Минималистичный стиль: изучаем хит сезона - Стиль жизни -

avoid sudden, contrastate:


No definitive inscriptions, the flowers, the plants and especially animal prints. However, this rule does not exclude plaid and stripes, which must necessarily be strict, no frills and designer fashionable solutions.

Strict silhouette

As you know that color that the silhouette is important severity. Clear lines in the priority, as this is what distinguishes the minimalist trend. No fringe and softness of lines. Negligence leave for boho. We need to choose things that would be perfect sitting at the figure, no extra accessories, like belts and suspenders.


We are talking about bags and shoes, which should be of high quality genuine leather pastel, black or brown. In extreme cases, you can afford a small accessory patent leather, but it can only be one thing, for example, a purse that you not so will often show to others.

Минималистичный стиль: изучаем хит сезона - Стиль жизни -

strict line - based stiletto:


As for the decorations, they, like the clothing material should be of high quality. Acceptable earrings, simple ring, a watch with a leather strap. In no case do not buy jewelry and jewelry-counterfeits of the brand. Nothing is cheap way as an attempt to adapt to Suite. Adornment let it be not from the world jewelry houses, but still made of precious metals.

Makeup and hairstyle

Again, no bright accents, you don't want to look ridiculous? Perfect for styling hair — pony tail or smooth beam. For makeup, you can do quite well Foundation to even out the skin, to focus on the eyebrows, which need to be carefully managed, and if possible, avoid using false eyelashes.

Of course, this style is suitable not for every woman: it must be able to support in any circumstances, and the nature of many women are not inclined to rigor. However, you can get interesting items and to contextualize them in their own individual style.


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