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5 styles that will make you slimmer - lifestyle -

Warming — time to change the wardrobe

Julia Гончарова10 APR 2019 10:307450

5 фасонов, которые сделают вас стройнее - Стиль жизни -

To each figure you can pick up платье

Finally spring has come not a calendar, but a real. I want to work out more at home, going to events, hanging out, and at work to appear in something light and beautiful, but not in warm pants and three sweaters. However, some over the winter managed to get not only winter clothing, but also excess weight, which is known to be warm. It does not matter, made a selection of dresses that are able to visually correct shape.

  • Wrap dress
  • The styles of the "robe" is back in fashion. The smell is able to emphasize the dignity and hide defects of any shape. More draping at the waist, wide open the chest area — here you have correctly placed accents in the right places. The smell is crossing the figure diagonally, pulling it, making it more refined. V-neck at the V neck flatters the neck. The pleats hide the tummy. Pick that waistline wide belt-strap, your waist will appear thinner.

    5 фасонов, которые сделают вас стройнее - Стиль жизни -

    Style dress kimono hide живот

  • Dress with high waist
  • Just call them baby-Dol. This model is tested for thousands of years and regularly comes back into fashion. Silhouette, elongating the figure, invented in Ancient Greece. The dress is tied under the breast, make the silhouette visually slimmer, giving it a seductive shape. The style will look better and excessively slender individuals who, conversely, not enough volume. Today, designers offer a variety of solutions for every taste and color. And among them you can find as a festive dress, and strict outfit for the office.

    5 фасонов, которые сделают вас стройнее - Стиль жизни -

    High waist again моде

  • Dress with peplum
  • Peplum is Ruska circling the waist, and the details can reach even the length of the mini skirt. Thanks to her figure looks more feminine: waist — and hips — wider. However, if you choose a dress with long peplum, it will help to make thighs slimmer and asymmetrically cut detail helps to hide the stomach. Popularized Basque designer Cristobal Balenciaga, making it a fundamental part of many of their collections.

    5 фасонов, которые сделают вас стройнее - Стиль жизни -

    A peplum adds a touch of asymmetry, hiding недостатки

  • Dress with V-neck
  • For women with type of shape "Apple" V-neck is a salvation. He extends his neck, shifting her lush chest and powerful shoulders. In addition to the décolleté, this piece pulls the whole silhouette, so looks good on small girls, especially if the dress is to complement the heels, long earrings and thin chain on his neck.

    5 фасонов, которые сделают вас стройнее - Стиль жизни -

    The emphasis on шее

  • Dress with inserts on the sides
  • Another way to look taller and slimmer vertical print. However, the lines can not go around along, and to be in the form of side panels. The basic rule — inserts have to repeat the silhouette of a "violin", and the density of the fabric, color, texture, pattern already sidelined. Poluprilegayuschy cut length of the patella is considered the most optimal.

    5 фасонов, которые сделают вас стройнее - Стиль жизни -

    Strips стройнят


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