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Secrets of style from Audrey Hepburn - lifestyle -

One of the main CineCrystal Hollywood was a wonderfully elegant woman. tried to figure out what she was attracted spectators

Maria Блавацкая10 APR 2019 15:025820

Секреты стиля от Одри Хепберн - Стиль жизни -

secrets of style Audrey Hepburne:

A dream to create a style that others turned neck, trying you best to consider, and then unsuccessfully for you to repeat. However, to find your unique style, you need to understand why one image is forgotten, and the other becomes a cult. Today our example is an amazing woman Audrey Hepburn became a role model for girls around the world. The most popular image Audrey came through the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Try to figure out what the secret one of the main Actresses of the Golden age of Hollywood.

Секреты стиля от Одри Хепберн - Стиль жизни -

the girl styled wide-brimmed hats and round occiput:

Own style

The basis of the success and popularity of images of the actress are elegance and femininity. Almost always she wore light dresses, perfectly sitting on the figure. And the styles she chose only those which were ideally suited to it, for example, skirt the sun, classic black dresses and so on. She never forgot about the accessories, thanks to Hepburn in the last century came into fashion big hair, long earrings, round sunglasses and hats with a wide brim.

Perfect makeup

As said the actress, makeup can decorate you only in appearance, inner beauty depends only on you. If you start to parse the subtleties of her makeup, you will find nothing calling and vulgar. On the contrary, she tried to be faithful to minimalism, drawing the arrow and releasing a black eyelash on his pale face. This is repeated many girls and is therefore always advantageous to look. It is remarkable, but Audrey is completely abandoned make-up, going to a meeting with the designer Givenchy, which did not prevent her to become his Muse.

Always ready for change

Like a true actress, Audrey was always ready to change and never afraid to try something new. The one thing that always stayed with her, — a sense of femininity and her ability to exercise. You remember that film "Roman holiday," she decided to cut her hair at the request of the Director? She understood that change is important and necessary, without them it is impossible to move on anything.

Секреты стиля от Одри Хепберн - Стиль жизни -

"chip" Audrey was thick, resizeto:

Proper nutrition

The actress always carefully followed weight and overall shape. The basis of her diet was protein foods and vegetables, for a long time she adhered to the principle of separation of power. Of course, it completely eliminated the alcohol and knew the measure of the sugar consumption, because alcohol and desserts could cause irreparable damage to her business card — figure.

A healthy lifestyle

Despite the lack of sports in his life, Audrey has managed to maintain excellent form. However, it was not always so: in his youth, the actress was fond of ballet, which gave her a unique grace. As she grew older, she loved to go for long walks with their dogs and walk in the fresh air, as you know, better than any stuffy fitness center. Audrey felt the need to sleep, otherwise, she said, she felt sluggish and tired throughout the day.

Секреты стиля от Одри Хепберн - Стиль жизни -

the most famous image of actisite:

Meticulous care of skin and hair

It is impossible to imagine that such a spectacular female treat to care for themselves as to unnecessary waste of time and effort. She is known to have selected only the best products for your dry skin. In addition, quite often, she used traditional methods, what she liked to tell.

Perfect posture

Again, the ballet in his youth helped Audrey develop beautiful posture, which was one of the secrets of her elegance. And to keep the back straight she managed not only in front of the camera and at social events, but in everyday life.

Perfection in any situation

Even on weekends Audrey didn't take the slack: got up early, made a healthy Breakfast and went for a walk, if there were not other important things. Leaving the house, he carefully prepared for the appearance, choosing exquisite clothing options. She loved the Capri pants that are perfectly combined with turtlenecks and shirts. Do not forget about the styling, though not formal, but her hair always looked neat.


As an adult woman, she was still as beautiful, and none of the plastic surgeon didn't see her at the reception. The actress sincerely believed that to maintain the tone, it helps to love. In her opinion, only the realization that you are love and loved, gives you extra strength.


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