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How to dress fashionable and not freeze - lifestyle - will help to make stylish images

Ksenia Парфенова11 April 2019 11:346120

Как одеться модно и не замерзнуть - Стиль жизни -

Put on a thin jacket under photofoto:

In the spring the weather is changeable, so sometimes to pick up clothes becomes difficult. If in Europe the weather holds in the limit× 15-20 degrees, in Russia, the thermometer sometimes falls below zero. We offer several fashionable bows that are suitable to our climate zone which will not let you freeze.

Coat and thin coat

Usually manufacturers light coats indicate on the product that it is suitable for socks at +10-15 degrees. However, there is a small trick, which is successfully used by fashionista: wear under your coat slim jacket. A down jacket made of waterproof synthetic material and artificial filler, so badly passes air. This means that in this outer clothing will not be cold even in sub-zero temperatures. Under the down jacket and coat can wear at least a t-shirt, still does not freeze.

Как одеться модно и не замерзнуть - Стиль жизни -

Trends spring like, amphoto:

Volumetric a hoodie and a vest

If the clothes you prefer sporty style, you probably will use this combination. Hoodies due to the large volume and the natural fabric perfectly warms the body. And the vest further warms it, creating a stylish image. Combine a hoodie and a vest with fashionable sneakers, for example, "ugly shoes", precisely to get into the trend. Sports goggerle or skinny jeans will perfectly fit into the overall composition.

Denim overalls and thermal underwear

The trend of 2019 — denim overalls. To stay warm in such clothes, wear thermal underwear under it. Crisp, technical fabric conforms to the body and does not allow the temperature to fall. Denim overalls look great with a coat of pastel colors, large accessories, and massive sneakers. They are well suited and casual and an evening look.

Как одеться модно и не замерзнуть - Стиль жизни -

Combine with sneakers than pagnotto:

A cashmere suit

Suit in sporty style of dense natural fabric — great for Hiking. In such clothes convenient and comfortable — it does not restrict movement, easily stretched. However we suggest to wear these suits only girls with a slender figure — the rest they will execute. Trendsetters are wearing these suits, along with tough leather boots and black leather jackets, or combine with sneakers and a cap.


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