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Umbrella — a symbol of power and wealth

The history of the main fashion accessory of the rainy season

Some accessories have long not bear any functional load — so, add flavor to the finished image, the accents, highlight the beauty of the kit. But the umbrella is not one of those! What would we do without this ancient invention? Agree, hoods and hats can't protect us from rain and sunlight as it will make a practical and reliable accessory come either from China, or from Egypt. A symbol of power and wealth — in the October fashionable investigation.

It so happened that the rains did not bother the inhabitants of the cradle of human civilization. The ancient Egyptians (and Chinese, and Indians) had much more to suffer from the scorching sunlight. Active and tireless, they have built a round structure, fastened to long sticks, their weight has reached fifteen pounds. Afford to hide under the umbrella could only rich people. Only the beginning of the XVIII century the umbrella has acquired the role of protector from the rain, and this new feature long shocked the refined aristocracy. But about all under the order.

Under the dome

Зонт — символ власти и богатства

Egypt, China, India – in each of these countries have their own legends about the origin of "personal roof", which is always with tobito:

Great ideas do not belong to a particular historical figure. Egypt, China, India — in each of these countries have their own legends about the origin of "personal roof", which is always with you. Hindus tell each other a story about a girl called Zita, hard-working beauty, whose face was disfigured by sunlight. Because of this, Zita remains unmarried: fans passed by, fearing burned skin. Lord Brahma, seeing this injustice, was built for girls canopy woven of bird feathers and plant leaves. Protozoic had a solo handle which Zita was able everywhere to carry a divine gift. In blessed shade the girl's face quickly returned to normal, and grooms immediately appreciated its advantages. Since then, the umbrella for Hindus is a sign of fertility and good health. Chinese folklore tells the story of a thoughtful husband who created for his beloved wife personal mobile "roof", thanks to which the woman would walk in any weather.

There is a legend about the king of Siam who loved to go out on the boardwalk under the family umbrella domes. Each of them was decorated with diamonds, gold and silver. The ruler of Burma surpassed its neighbor, borrowing from the twenty-four (!) flooring, United in a mobile tent. In Japan paper umbrellas stood guard exceptional whiteness of women's faces.

Symbols of power were made of bamboo and palm leaves. Their canes, often made of ivory, decorated with precious stones and delicate carvings. Commoners and would like to create a more modest model, but the privilege of hiding from the sun under such canopies was granted exclusively of the nobility. All other use of umbrellas was prohibited by law!

From sun to rain

Зонт — символ власти и богатства

In medieval Europe, the umbrella was used to protect from sancetta:

In medieval Europe umbrella "came" from China. France and the Netherlands are actively engaged in trade with this country, and now to the XIV century royals were hiding from the sun under umbrellas elegant papyrus. Parisian women began to decorate an Asian invention, satin and velvet ribbons, flowers and lace, gradually turning it into a trendy accessory.

"Sun king" Louis XIV invented a new court office bearers of umbrellas. During the walks they went over the nobility, protecting the delicate monarchs from the heat. And Marie Antoinette styled umbrellas unusual design: the spokes were made of whalebone, which increased the cost of the product several times. For those who wanted to touch a beautiful life, in France there was a service "umbrella rent".

Russian Empire for the promotion of accessory can say thank you to Peter and his close friendship with Holland. The Emperor had served in the Dutch fleet, and it was there that he noticed that the sailors on the ships use special tents from the sun and wind under the name "sondek". And entered the Russian language familiar to our hearing the word. By that time, brave Englishman Jonas Henvey made quite a successful attempt to use the "sun canopy" and as protection from the frequent London rains. When the pioneer went under the shower with an elegant accessory, which was hidden from drops, compatriots felt Hanway insane. But soon, the method spread all over Europe. Then I changed the material from which are made the models: masters began to use rubber soaked in cotton.

Зонт — символ власти и богатства

The Englishman Jonas Henvey first decided to use the "sun canopy" and as protection from the frequent London rains Photo:

Protect yourself!

As not only excelled manufacturers of umbrellas, inventing additional functions. In the handle, which was decorated with carvings and patterns, making holes for storing keys and pipes, stationery, jars, purses and even knives! But the strangest thing was the offer from the mechanics from Germany: the umbrella was to be used as a manual lightning rod. The umbrella-cane became popular in London. Without him for a walk not sent any self-respecting dandy.

By the middle of XX century began to produce umbrellas with a protective mechanism that produces a cloud of tear gas after clicking a special button. The invention became relevant from the emancipated American women.

Modern umbrellas can be divided into two categories. In the first fall models, similar to works of art: over them the work of craftsmen that focus on the best examples of the past. Representatives of the second category — a real miracle of technology. In their arm mounted radios, which notify owners of impending bad weather, they are equipped with points of Internet access...

Soon all the Asians, whose ancestors established once the first umbrella, we promise to provide the "mobile roof" projector that will broadcast sites on the dome screen. The future is already here!

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